March 2, 2024


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New Pokemon Snap Overview Trailer [Update] Nintendo Connect

New Pokemon Snap Overview Trailer [Update] Nintendo Connect

Update: Nintendo of the United States now has an English version of the Overview trailer New Pokemon Snap Posted on YouTube. From photographing the Pokemon game to witnessing the mysterious Lumina event, you get an idea of ​​what the Lentil area is all about.

From online ranking to photo sharing and photo editing, Nintendo shows you a variety of features that can capture amazing moments and many functions. Watch the full trailer here:

Original post from April 9: New Pokemon Snap The Japanese Pokemon has received a new trailer on its YouTube channel, which provides an overview of most aspects of the game. In the trailer, so far only available in Japanese, not only the newly presented environments, but also some familiar gameplay are handled. For example, Velvet apples appear in a path of Pokemon with food, luminaires, alternatives, filter functions, gyro sensors and balancing areas.

Meanwhile, the download size for the game has also been announced. So if you are New Pokemon Snap From Nintendo iShop To purchase digital, 7.1 GB of free space is required. As always, this size says nothing about the size of a game, which is why you should go for a test New Pokemon Snap Will have to wait to learn more about the game.

In addition, new Japanese TV shows were released:

New Pokemon Snap Available exclusively for April 30, 2021 Nintendo Switch Appear.