July 21, 2024


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CD Project expects record profit for 2020 with Cyberbank 2077 – News

CD Project expects record profit for 2020 with Cyberbank 2077 – News

Although the CD project will not release its full annual review until April 22, the team has released some estimates that are unlikely to change dramatically. Not satisfied with recording revenue of 470 million euros, the group’s net profit will exceed 250 million euros by 2020. Looking at this, these figures are significantly higher than the year they were introduced Witcher3 The CD project that year had revenues of 175 million euros and a net profit of 75 million euros.

When making appropriate corrections following the chain Cyberpunk 2077, Which is expected to be released on its own in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series, CD Project recently outlined its corporate ambitions, especially in the hope that it will not repeat the mistakes made during its latest game development. “We want to improve the game“, Said the studio’s CEO.

This “RED 2.0” project aims to support the parallel development of many AAA projects from 2022, including the development of its development potential, but also through some functional changes and the establishment of cross-functional groups. Time to work on two licenses at once (The Witcher And Cyberpunk 2077) In collaboration.

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