January 25, 2022


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Android users should act: Popular app blocks emergency calls - here's how to fix it

Android users should act: Popular app blocks emergency calls – here’s how to fix it

Currently, an app can block emergency calls on Android smartphones. To fix this error, users need to take action. Here is a summary of who is affected and how to resolve the issue.

Microsoft teams have become an integral part of everyday work for many who have moved to the home office due to infection. However, this processor is currently causing headaches for Android users. How many users report (via “9to5Google“), The app should block outgoing emergency calls. If it gets worse, you may not be able to start the call from the mobile phone.

The problem only occurs if users have installed the app on their smartphone but have not logged in to the groups. Fortunately, Microsoft was quick to resolve the issue. Users who still have an older version of Teams on their Android smartphone will need to make an urgent update via the Google Play Store. The problem will disappear in the “1416 /” version of the groups.

The status of Microsoft teams is explained: you need to know it

Microsoft Groups: Need to update Android too

Microsoft teams need to be updated to work properly.
Microsoft teams need to be updated to work properly.

Photo: Deperson Chatterjee / Zuma Wire / DPA

The solution to the problem is initially intended to rectify the situation. However, according to Google, there is a fundamental problem with Android’s computer data, which may have led to this in the first place. The developers behind the smartphone operating system are already working on an all-inclusive solution. If all goes well, in January 2022 it will appear with the security link.

There may not be other apps in the future that will accidentally block emergency calls via Android smartphones. Developers currently expect the patch to be released on January 4, 2022. If something needs to change, you will find out here first.

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