June 18, 2024


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In our new review, we take a look at what the super family wants. See the conclusion of the current story.

Content (blurb):

Hidden Mafia Strikes! Showdown in Metropolis: After Louis Lane reveals that Marisol Lyon is the head of the largest criminal organization in Metropolis, the hidden mafia puts everything on one card. Working with Leon, the super villain Red Cloud unleashes a more powerful ally who can even bring steel hero Superman to his knees, even though he’s supported by the entire Kent clan. But despite the help of Superboy, Supergirl and Conner Kent, the Invisible Mafia deals a devastating blow to Kent’s home. The Daily Planet is also targeted by the FBI, and it turns out the newspaper has a new owner whose identity shocks everyone!

Kent House


The latest release of Action Comics ends the story that started and is also farewell to Brian Michael Bendis as writer. As far as graphics, you are not quite as detailed as you know from similar posts. Here everything looks more angular and simpler. Even if you get used to it quickly, the style does get used to it at first. However, you do get your money’s worth with the huge fight scenes, especially since they were filmed in apt style with the script, which you definitely don’t see every day.

The plot continues in the story of the Red Cloud and the Invisible Mafia, which was revealed in the latest issue. Most of the fights aren’t fought at this point, but a large portion of them are done on the lawyer’s floor, which is a nice change. Above all, Perry and Lewis can shine here again and show how they fight for their newspaper. And with Chase and Melody come the famous supporting characters that you have already known.

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Unfortunately, in Melody’s case, it’s a shame to be killed almost without a sound (and in a somewhat unsightly way). The good thing had real potential and seemed to have been pulled out of the story in the last few meters. However, if you – like me – still have hopes for Red Cloud, you will be disappointed as well in this story. Because the opponent here is completely sliding to the level of evil and is finally defeated at least in the end.

But in reality, there are also other constellations that can get slack. Since the band is called “The House of Kent,” not only did John appear from the future, Connor Kent also celebrated his comeback. As well as aka Kara. Supergirl involved. All of the Super Family are united in battle – and you need a parasitic opponent to cause trouble there. Of course, little jokes can also be seen, especially between Connor and John.

Other than that, the mafia story also ends and there is a little surprise at the end, even if this isn’t the first time the Daily Planet has been sold. But we don’t want to spoil everything at this point.


A fully successful finale unites the super family and ends the open story arcs. Even if the fight sequences are nearly mandatory, you can still sign up for one or the other of the good character’s scene.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3,5 / 5)
Information: A copy of this edition has been given to the author by the publisher free of charge for the purpose of review.

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Quick info

author: Brian Michael Bendis
Cameraman: John Romita Jr., Klaus Jansom
Original address: Action Comics 1022-1028
Publication year (original): 2020
Translator: Christian is hot
number of pages: 184
price: 20.- The euro
ISBN: 978-3-7416-2242-7
Verlag: Panini