March 25, 2023


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Journal Frankfurt Nachrichten - Klaus Thoelet Prize

Journal Frankfurt Nachrichten – Klaus Thoelet Prize

The writer and cultural theorist Klaus Theoulet won the Theodor W. Adorno Prize from Frankfurt this year. The 79-year-old is considered one of the most important German-speaking literary and cultural theorists, according to logic.

The Tudor W. Adorno Prize this year is awarded to writer and cultural theorist Klaus Thoelet. The city of Frankfurt was announced on Wednesday. According to the city, Theweleit is one of the most important German-speaking literary and cultural theorists. The 79-year-old will take home the prize on September 11, Adorno’s birthday, at Paulskirche.

Klaus Thoelet was born in East Prussia in 1942. Thwelet’s two-volume work “Männerphantasien” from 1977, in which Thwelette deals with the body politics of fascism, is “a standard work of critical social theory,” according to the city. SpiegelFounder Rudolf Augustine wrote an eight-page review of Thuillette’s work, calling it “perhaps the most exciting German publication of the year.” In his three-part work “The Book of Kings”, he dealt with power relations in artistic production in literature and music and received great attention because of it, as did the “Book of the King’s Daughters” which he followed in 2013.

Theweleit is one of the most influential cultural and literary theorists and at the same time, the Prize’s Board of Trustees, which includes representatives of the sciences, among others, Inna Hartwig, Head of Culture and Mayor Peter Feldman’s decision (both SPD) explains. “Since the 1970s, Theweleit has been working continuously on topics that have an impact to this day. Armament of a soldier’s body as a defense against the female is the core of his thinking, which has also been shaped by the experience of his generation. Theweleit traces lines of continuity from the soldier’s fascist body to the radical right’s“ white terror ” In our time, like Adorno, he pushes the boundaries of science in a fun and serious way, his rampant novel, which deals with the darkest aspects of humanity, ultimately aims at an act of liberation that includes a commitment to art and excitement.

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The Theodor W. Adorno Prize has been awarded every three years in Frankfurt since 1977 “in recognition of outstanding achievements in the fields of philosophy, music, theater and cinema”. The prize, initiated by Hilmar Hoffmann, the former head of culture in Frankfurt, has been awarded 50,000 euros. Most recently, director Margaret von Trotta received the award in 2018. After philosopher and literary scholar Judith Butler, von Trotta was the second woman to be honored with the Theodor W. Adorno Prize. Among the winners are sociologist and philosopher Jürgen Habermas, conductor and composer Pierre Bolez, film director Jean-Luc Godard, philosopher Jacques Derrida and composer Giorgi Legetti.