April 17, 2024


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Candy Crush sur mobile

The day Epic Games won Apple by… Candy Crush

In the context of the lawsuit between the epic games and Apple, Candy Crush was shown on a court screen.

Resistance test Epic Games Apple Still going on in the United States. After multiple exposures on two enemies and even co-damage in other companies Sony, This affair continues to provide us with moments of ontology. How is it like the relay On the edge, The popular mobile game Candy Crush is an example in court to finish Apple.

This is what ended up in Candy Crush Court

That day, it was a question of determining the user experience, especially in terms of how Apple’s rules with its App Store could affect it. The clash between Epic Games and Apple revolves precisely around this question, following the sling of the Fortnight publisher that brought the title to be thrown off the App Store shelves.

Therefore, both parties had to send experts to the tribunal to defend their respective views. On Apple’s behalf, Lorraine Hit, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton, argued that having a title in the App Store does not indicate a problem for the user. Games are generally designed for both PC and smartphone, and the computer version is generally accessible. He explains that playing it from browser to his web browser or via an application does not change much for the ultimate experience. The expert provided a list of obscure topics that could be played in these two ways.

Apparently, it was too easy for epic sports lawyer Jonathan Evan to see this as an opportunity to tear down the Apple business case. First, he proved that the list of games developed by Apple for both PC and smartphone was not accurate, thus gaining the confidence of the assembly.

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Later, he attacked the argument of the expert sent by Apple, explaining that the user experience is no different between the browser and the application. Thus he manages to show the screen of his iPhone in court and opens his web browser. Then he goes to the official Candy Crush website and then clicks “Install”. Apparently, the App Store offers to open and download the app. So he turns to his browser and wonders: it’s almost impossible to run the title without going through the app store. “Part of your vision of a friction-free user journey, I imagine” He ends up against the Apple expert.

This is how Candy Crush ended up on the screens of a court. The affair between Epic Games and Apple was certainly full of surprises.