May 20, 2024


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Snow Runner is coming to Xbox Game Pass!  |  Xbox One

Snow Runner is coming to Xbox Game Pass! | Xbox One

Released a year ago, Snow Runner The Xbox Game Pass is about to land. If you still do not know this great topic, we can advise you to give it a try only if you want to go through the mud in the trucks which are mostly big on the road.

Starting tomorrow, you will have the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Even on an S or PC you can download the game and type in over three great environments and over 40 vehicles to explore. Great content awaits you as individual or collaborative.

New Generation Off Road Experience! Overcome extreme environments on the wheel of 40 power monsters from iconic brands like Ford and Chevrolet. Explore an open world simulated by a ultra-realistic physics machine, alone or in groups of up to 4, and face mud, ice, raging rivers and frozen lakes.

  • Face extreme situations
  • 40 vehicles to upgrade and customize
  • An ultra-realistic physics machine
  • Play alone or in groups of up to 4

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