May 29, 2024


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Apple headsets do not support high fidelity music

Apple headsets do not support high fidelity music

A Apple announced this Monday, 17th June A start New music format No Apple Music. O ‘Lost‘Service will allow members to listen to music more reliably, but, unfortunately, it seems to be nothing Airboats Supports design from Apple. No headphones either Airboats The maximum cost is 629 euros.

“Oh AudioLost‘No model is supported Airboats. You Airboats Max wire only accepts analog sources. At this time The Airboats Max does not support digital Audio When used with wires ”, can be read in the Apple report sent to the website On the edge.

Apple says the user too Airboats Uses maximum lightning adapter for input Audio 3.5 mm, 24-bit / 48 kHz sound Recovered, So it’s not a ‘Lost‘Clean and tough.

Nominated for Minuto News Marketer Awards

Oh News per minute One of the nominees for the 2021 edition of Marketer Awards, In the section Digital media. Voting runs until May 31.

To help us succeed, visit the Initiative website organized by the magazine Marketer, Click Here, And proceed to complete the form News per minute In the section Digital media And then formalizing the votes. Thanks for your wish!

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