October 1, 2022


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[TGS2022]Soul-like SF fantasy RPG "The Last Oricru" Demo Report. The story changes dramatically depending on the player's choice

[TGS2022]Soul-like SF fantasy RPG “The Last Oricru” Demo Report. The story changes dramatically depending on the player’s choice

At Tokyo Game Show 2022, PLAION (former name: Koch Media) had a booth and showcased a variety of playable titles. In this article, we will focus on the role-playing game “The last Orecro」(computer / PlayStation 5 / Xbox Xbox XPlay report.

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The Last Oricru is a title in development by Czech developer GoldKnights. World mode is a combination of swordplay, magic fantasy and science fiction where high science technology appears.
Set on a planet where the process of reclamation is in progress, the main character is involved in a struggle between two races, the mouse-like “Ratkin” and the human-like “Naburu”.

In this trial version, two routes can be played. Both are from the middle of the story, one is the way to join Napoleon. He fought to eliminate Ratkin who had invaded the fortress of Napoleon. The other way is to collaborate with Ratkin. Sneak out of the castle tunnel, open the castle gates, and let Ratkin’s forces rush in.

Originally, the game will start from the scene in which the protagonist wakes up, and depending on the choice of the protagonist, the evolution will change to which faction is on his side.
The relationship between Ratkin and Napol can be confirmed from the “Relationship Log” in the game menu, and the numerical value indicating the relationship increases and decreases as the story progresses. There seems to be a relationship-enhancing element in the middle of the story, where it’s not so clearly expressed as an enemy. By the way, there is a little empty space in the relationship history menu, and it seems that a force other than Ratkin and Naboru will appear.

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I played both tracks in the trial, but this time I will present the contents of the Ratkin track. In this way, the hero wears equipment that mainly uses “magic”.

When the game starts, you can see Ratkin’s troops gathering in front of the castle walls doors. The main character is an existence called “Captain”, and Ratkin, who appears to be the commander of the unit, will ask you to “pass through the sewers and open the gate of the castle wall.”
As a test, I chose the option “Do you want to go with me?”Come.

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When I made a little joke with Ratkin, he got a little pissed off saying, “If it was Naburu, he would have nullified it.”
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If you pass through the sewers on the left side of the castle gate, the soldiers of Napoleon will appear, but they are not that strong, so you can quickly defeat them with magic. There were two types of magic that could be used: small magic with low power and high bullet speed, and big magic with high power but a big gap between them.
Both magics automatically track down the trapped enemy, but it’s a bit difficult to hit the small magic because the bullet speed is fast. The Big Magic, on the other hand, has a slow, easy-to-use bullet speed with a level of aiming performance that is arguably a surefire hit. In the end, I ended up using only cool magic. In addition, the magic that can be used seems to change depending on the equipment.

Breaking through the sewers with a small event movie in between, you’ll reach the castle wall gate. If you open the gate there, Ratkin’s soldiers will rush in.
When they had already opened the gates, they arrived inside the castle to find Ratkin’s soldiers pouring in, overpowering Nabor’s soldiers. As soon as he saw the situation, Naburu closed the castle gates and seemed to be in a position to besiege. Because of time constraints, this theatrical audition ended here. I’m also curious about what happens next and the boss fights.

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Inside the castle, a battle between Ratkin and Naboro unfolds.
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The worldview is a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, but when fighting with swords and magic, the core part is heavily fantasy-like, and sci-fi elements appear here and there.
For SF-like items, the place where the hero level is upgraded is the hologram machine, and the captain’s record can be confirmed. Also, there is a production like Connection from a spacecraft in the story, but the sense of sci-fi is lower in terms of overall percentage. If the story progresses further, SF-like developments may increase.

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The most powerful SF hair element in beta
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The battle system is just like soul. If you are surrounded by many enemies, you will be beaten in a jiffy, and if you do not observe the enemy’s movements even in single battles, you will easily die against small enemies.
The equipment system is fairly familiar, if it is light, it will be agile, if it is very heavy, it will be slow.

Equipment screen. It is a user interface that somehow understands what it is
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Evasion and dodge, stamina and weight management, long-range or short-range weapons, or using magic, you can enjoy different play styles. Anyone who touches a spirit-like game will be able to enter it easily.

A fire was found on the road. You can’t rest here
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