June 23, 2024


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New Aquarium Odyssey-themed DLC titled “Let’s Build a Zoo” announced Aquarium Odyssey, released later this year “Doope!

New Aquarium Odyssey-themed DLC titled “Let’s Build a Zoo” announced Aquarium Odyssey, released later this year “Doope!

Springloaded’s creative zoo management simulation “Let’s Build a Zoo” launched for PC in November 2021 and was compatible with consoles last September, but the new publisher, No More Robots, issued a press release. Announced a new DLC “Aquarium Odyssey” with an aquarium theme. It was revealed that it will be released for Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox including Game Pass, and PlayStation later this year.

Along with the announcement, a teaser trailer was released that introduced a massive amount of new content for the “Aquarium Odyssey” DLC, and it was revealed that the total player count for the work had exceeded 750,000.

Aquarium Odyssey features over 20 hours of new content including 51 new aquatic species including dolphins, manta rays, whales, starfish, lobsters and eels, seven new containers, new shops, decorations, facilities, and more.

Also, to celebrate the announcement of the “Aquarium Odyssey” DLC, the free “Sloths and Spas” update is now available for the base game, introducing cute sloths, attractions, attraction counters, and several QoL improvements.

Let’s build a zoo: Aquarium Odyssey

Discover the unseen world of the sea in the new zoo “Aquarium Island”. This new zoo is filled with adorable sea creatures and new shops and decorations. We will offer the ultimate sea experience to all visitors!

The beginning of a new experience!

This uncharted aquatic island is filled with new quests, moral choices, and worthwhile events. Make wise decisions, build a majestic zoo and lead it to success in this new environment!

51 new animals!

Over 50 new species of fish and mammals to dazzle visitors along with an amazing experience in the ocean! Dolphins, manta rays, whales, starfish, lobsters, eels and many other favorites can be kept in your zoo and shared with other animals! By adding marine animals to your zoo, you will be able to create a whopping 10 million animal species in the sandbox. How about making the world’s first chicken whale or goose python? ?

7 new containers

You can get acquainted with the environment of the new creatures and create an ideal environment for the animals to live in, such as a fence that reproduces the water-filled terrain, colorful coral reefs and a perfectly flat sea bottom. Then surround it with panes of glass so that visitors can see it up close.

10 new shops, decorations, facilities and more!

Welcome visitors to the revamped zoo with new themed shops, decorations, signs, and walkways! Get inspired by new animals and recreate natural environments throughout the zoo with coral reefs, active volcanoes, giant coral reefs, seaweed, and more!