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“Rainbow Six Siege” Ranked Match 2.0 Explained (Part 2): New “Phantom Player” Feature / Will a New Higher Rank Be Created?  This is amazing

“Rainbow Six Siege” Ranked Match 2.0 Explained (Part 2): New “Phantom Player” Feature / Will a New Higher Rank Be Created? This is amazing

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege features Ranked Match 2.0 for competitive players.

However, the current system of expressing a player's ability using “Rank” and “MMR” has been called into question. So, Titanium creator Rolo interviewed development staff Christopher Budgen. Interesting stories have been revealed about future new features and plans for ranked matches.


Explanation of classification matching “R6S” 2.0 (future new features)

Developer Mr Budgen (right) told us different stories.

Below is a snippet of the new features and capabilities planned for ranked matches in the future. The story of MMR in ranked matches is explained in this article.

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Planned new feature 1: Phantom Player

“Phantom Player” is a new upcoming feature that prevents boosting.

For example, if a Hero Tier player teamed up with Copper Tier players, the previously Champion Tier player could have slipped to a lower ranked Tier due to the Copper Tier players' MMR (the match making mechanism will be explained later).

However, with the new feature, the game first measures the rank difference between friends. If the rank difference is considered too far apart, a 'ghost player' will be created as the sixth team member and included in the MMR calculation.

In the case of “Hero 1 + Copper 2”, the Phantom's MMR will be equivalent to the Diamond Belt. This way, by matching based on the average MMR of 6 players including Phantom, even players who try to cheat will end up in the Diamond or Champion level lobbies.

Planned New Feature 2: Smurf Discovery

“Smurfing” pretends to be a rookie and goes on a “novice hunt.” Cheating, where players with a certain skill level create new accounts without matching data and intentionally sneak into beginner lobbies, is also seen as a problem in Siege.

However, it is said that a feature to prevent this smurfing will be implemented soon.

With the new feature, when you start Siege with a new account,Perform until level 50 is reachedIt is measured on the game side.

A “level 50” player who just started playing Siege is supposed to be at the Copper to Bronze belt.

However, at level 50, if you are performing at Silver Belt to Gold Belt or above, there is a possibility that you will be judged as a Smurf. Along with the Phantom Player, more details about the new features will be revealed by Siege officials in the future.

Create a “Top 500” ranking?

Rainbow Six Siege: Ranked Match 2.0 development team thoroughly explains / MMR mechanics you can't hear now / Future new features"Phantom player" This is amazing
Will a new top rank be created like other FPS games (Image taken from “CoD: Warzone'')?

The current highest rank in Siege is “Champion”. On the other hand, if you look at other FPS titles, for example, the ranked match (ranked play) in 'Call of Duty' has the highest rating of the 'Top 250', which is literally only the top 250 players. You can enter all over the world.

Furthermore, in Call of Duty, players who finish the season in first place will receive the world's only first place reward. It is a system that the more competition-oriented players are, the more competitive they are.

Perhaps inspired by these other works, the question was raised as to whether Siege would offer a higher hero ranking, such as a “Top 500”.

Unfortunately, Mr. Budgen answered this question by saying:Nothing has been specified from the developer's side.He replied.

The current Champion Belt population is only 0.8% of the entire rank. Compared to “Rank 1.0”, which had the highest Diamond Belt rank, where the Diamond population was 0.2%, the proportion of “Higher Rank Players” has increased.

However, Budgen is satisfied with the current situation, where “less than 1% of players get the highest rating.” Although the probability cannot be said to be zero, it seems unlikely that a “new highest rank” would be created in haste.

“Ray 5 Rank” cannot be protected.

A common request from the community is that single teams should only be matched against single teams. It was natural to think that even if the five strays who had just met faced the so-called 'Furuba', their chances of winning were slim.

Developers also find this request interesting. However, Budgen says it's still due to the matchmaking system.UnrealThis is what he said.

Problems with sending mice to PC

Rainbow Six Siege: New content update for year 8 / new operator face / new anti-cheat"Mousetraps" / Set in Brazil?
One of Siege's anti-cheat tools is the “Mousetrap”

As previously announced, Y9S4 will implement a new penalty system for players using a mouse in the consumer version.

The blockade still has a feature called “Mousetrap” that detects mice and imposes penalties. In the future, more malicious mice will do so.I'll throw it into the PC version lobby.It's planned. Of course, the PC version is full of mice, so this will give you a fair fight.

However, they won't be creating something like a “dedicated lobby for punishments for rat offenders”, and the rats will be thrown directly into the regular PC lobby.

This can be a problem for serious PC gamers. I wouldn't be happy if Mouser came to my side after getting a penalty. I would like at least a “sponsorship fee”.

This concern has not been explored in depth. Starting with Season 4 of Year 9, it seems necessary to consider the possibility of players from the Consumer Edition joining your team.

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  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Target models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Seriessteam)

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