June 18, 2024


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Microsoft Enables Copilot+ PC 'Recall' Software After Privacy Concerns – ITmedia News

Microsoft Enables Copilot+ PC 'Recall' Software After Privacy Concerns – ITmedia News

On June 7 (local time), Microsoft announced that the new Windows 11 feature 'Recall' (called 'Memories' in Japan), which is scheduled to be installed in the 'Copilot+ PC', would be selected. out (enabled by default) As originally planned, the company announced that it would change from “disabled” to “opt-in” (disabled by default, allowing users to choose whether they want to use it or not).

Retrospective takes snapshots of the active screen every few seconds and stores them encrypted on your local hard drive. This feature uses local AI to find your browsing history by searching or checking text in chronological order.

Recall (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft said the feature would be enabled by default, but following the announcement, many privacy advocates and security experts expressed concerns about cybersecurity and privacy.

“We know that for people to get the most value from experiences like retrospectives, they need to trust them,” Microsoft said, making three changes to retrospective settings.

First, disable callbacks (subscription) by default. Added a process to determine whether to enable loopbacks during Copilot+ PC setup.

A screen asking if callbacks will be enabled (Image: Microsoft)

Next, to enable recovery, Windows Hello registration is required. Proof of presence in Windows Hello is required to view and search the timeline retrospectively.

If you try to use Retrospect, you'll need to verify your presence using Windows Hello (Image: Microsoft)

Additionally, adding a layer of data protection, snapshots are retroactively decrypted and can only be accessed when the user authenticates. It also encrypts the search index database.

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These changes are expected to be reflected in all Copilot+ PCs scheduled to ship starting on the 18th.

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