September 26, 2022


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[TGS2022]Introducing the "Jagged Alliance 3" role-based strategy. THQ Nordic self-confidence product with numbering

[TGS2022]Introducing the “Jagged Alliance 3” role-based strategy. THQ Nordic self-confidence product with numbering

Turning strategy coming from THQ Nordic in 2023「Jagged Alliance 3」computer / PS4 / Xbox OneHowever, even though it wasn’t shown at Tokyo Game Show 2022, the developer came to Japan during the show, and I was able to receive the presentation, so let me give it a go.

The “Jagged Alliance” series has a long history, with the first MS-DOS title released in 1995. A sequel in 1996「Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games,In 1999 title numbering「Jagged Alliance 2」He was released. After that, the series was launched, and the movie “Jagged Alliance: Rage!” in 2018.
If the latest “Jagged Alliance 3” act is released next year as planned, it will be a numbering title that will appear after a gap of more than 22 years. By the way, “Jagged Alliance 3” was announced once in 2004, but was canceled in 2005.

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The series “Jagged Alliance” has released a number of titles, but its essence remains the same. The base is Modern Warfare, where the player commands a mercenary unit and fights in a region amidst the chaos.
You need money to hire mercenaries, and you need to complete tasks to earn money. Collect mercenaries with initial money, earn money by doing missions, hire more mercenaries, and settle in the chaotic area.

There is also an RPG-like element where you can get weapons and equipment from the money collected, strengthen the mercenary unit, and upgrade your mercenaries through battle. In addition, weapons can be customized, and it seems that you can customize them according to the role of the mercenary, such as attaching a sniper scope or specializing in close combat.

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Combat is a turn-based strategy that uses shields to defeat enemies tactically. In terms of modern business「XCOM」It is similar to systems like, and battles that take into account the rate of strikes and the formation of allies are required.
I wrote “hit rate”, but I heard the hit rate is no longer shown as a number in this work. When the hit rate is displayed, the player appears to be “only taking safer actions based on the hit rate”, and appears to want to take the risk.

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“Jagged Alliance 3” will be numbered for the first time in 22 years at the time of the announcement, but when I asked the developer, “Why haven’t you done a numbering yet?”“It took a long time to create a title worthy of numbering.”The answer came. In other words, this work was completed in such a work related to self-confidence.
As we mentioned at the beginning, the release is scheduled for 2023. Since it was said that it will support Japanese as well, I’d like to look forward to its release.