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Reminders / Task Manager to Unify with “Google ToDo List” – Jetstream BLOG

Google ToDo
  • Google unifies Google Calendar and Google Assistant’s “Reminders” service into a “Google ToDo List”
  • All Google Reminders and Task Manager can be consolidated and managed using the Google ToDo List
  • Available in the next few months

On September 20, 2022 (Tuesday), Google announced that it would unify the Google Calendar and Google Assistant “Reminders” services into a “Google ToDo List”.

Google Calendar is implemented with two task management services, Reminders, which is a task management service that can be managed in the calendar, and Todo which is linked to the Google ToDo List. And the Google Assistant performs a Reminder associated with a Google Calendar Reminder.

In addition, Google ToDo List has been made available as a standalone Google Task Manager service. In other words, similar services were offered within Google. I think there are many users who don’t understand even with this explanation alone.

In short, Reminders, To Dos, Google ToDo List, etc. are in a complex state, but it has finally been unified into a unified Google ToDo List.

Google ToDo List in the web version of Gmail

Google ToDo ListReleased in April 2018Task management service. From the start, it has been linked with Gmail and Google Calendar to make users’ task management smarter. “Google ToDo List” in September 2021redesigned logo

Currently, it works not only with “Gmail” and “Google Calendar”, but also with the chat service “Google Chat”, and now it is a service that supports task management from various Google services.

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This “Google ToDo List” has finally been upgraded as a service that unifies Google’s “Reminders” and “Tasks”. Within the next few months, when you manage Reminders in Google Calendar or Google Assistant, a notification will be displayed stating unification with Google ToDo List, and unification with Google ToDo List will be implemented. a plus.

Google ToDo List app link

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