December 2, 2023


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Possibility to install a removable drive due to PS5 redesign - GIGAZINE

Possibility to install a removable drive due to PS5 redesign – GIGAZINE

Insider Gaming reports that the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) model may come with a removable drive that can be connected to USB Type-C. Accordingly, the new PS5 will appear around September 2023.

Sony launches new PlayStation 5 with detachable drive, sources indicate – Indoor Games

Sony’s first major PS5 build is said to have a detachable drive – The Verge

PS5 has a disc driveStandard EditionAnd without the drivedigital editionAccording to Insider Gaming, in addition to these two, the next PS5 may be sold as a kit with an external drive, ‘a model that can attach a detachable drive’.

According to sources, the external drive will not look out of place on the new PS5, and even if it does, it will look similar to the current model. Also, since the drive can be purchased separately, there seems to be no need to buy back the entire PS5 set even if it breaks.

The PS5 has undergone two model changes since its introduction, and each time the weight of the aircraft has been reduced. Insider Gaming expects that the new model will look the same as the current model even if a drive is installed, so the aircraft itself will be lighter.

New PS5 Plays ‘Mysterious Weight Loss’ Again – GIGAZINE

Insider Gaming reports, “Sony has shipped 21.7 million PS5 as of June 2022. If we believe that number of shipments, hardware parts will become easier to get over the next couple of years. It can be seen that a significant increase in production is expected in the future. “

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