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Test // ten suns

Test // ten suns

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According to legend, ancient China was already affected by severe climate change. Ten divine suns burned relentlessly on the ground and threatened to burn everything. Legendary hero Hu Yi, known for his incomparable skills with a bow, set out to shoot the sun one after another from the sky. If TEN SUNS disappears, China can continue to exist.

Information about the game

Medieval Lords kindly allow TEN SUNS for us to review.
This does not affect our rating!

Countdown is on

TEN SUNS is an auction game for families in a small box. The game currency consists of solar and lunar cubes. Because of the ten suns, there is enough solar energy and this is exactly what players use: inside the auctions to bid on God’s cards. The bid is hidden and the highest bid wins.

ten suns 100

Unused solar energy is discarded at the end of the tour and lunar energy can be supplied. Both types of energy are equivalent to the commandments. Depending on the number of people, God Cards are revealed and auctioned each round. Two Moon Energy Cubes and Palace Cards according to the number of players: Inside are distributed to God Cards to make them more attractive to auction. No more than three of these fragments may be assigned to any Deity Card.

God cards provide valuable special abilities for the rest of the game. Some are permanent, others can only be used once and immediately. All kinds of location cards and monsters can be found among actual gods. Places score points at the end of the game. The more cards you collect, the more prestige points you get. Monsters must be defeated by supplying energy from all players together according to the number of people. If the required value is reached or exceeded, all participants receive points; The highest bidder receives more than the others. If the desired value is not reached, all bidders lose prestige points.

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Palace cards that are dealt to two palaces inside can be dealt by their owner. There are six different shapes. The mansion can be up to eight cards in size. The more different the decorations are, the more power and prestige points you give when you exchange them.

For each god card purchased in the auction, the corresponding player’s mark is moved on the bagua path. If you exceed the mark of the fourth level, the last mark placed on the path receives a bonus from the energy of the moon. Then all tags are reset. On the Moon’s Path, players advance through the Moon Goddess cards. This bar has not been reset. Those who ranked first on this bar also receive an energy boost when resetting the Baga Bar.

During the game, cards of Hou Yi’s nine heroes will also appear on the screen and will be auctioned off. With each hero card, the sun is launched from the sky. This way, the solar energy available to players for their bids each round is reduced. Moon energy becomes more and more valuable and the countdown begins mercilessly. If there is only one sun or no sun in the sky, the game is over. Most prestige points decide victory.

More than eight treasures

The box consists of a stack of high quality God cards with attractive illustrations, smaller mansion cards, plus enough screens and bidding cards for up to six people. For each player: There are four plastic cubes in special colors for prestige points, moon and bagua bars. Lunar and solar energy cubes are abundant and of good quality. All texts are in English.

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Ten Suns 106

The instructions are small and short and explain the basic elements adequately. It is also only available in English. Detailed examples and an appendix illustrative of God’s various abilities are not included. A few short sentences can be found inside the displays. A playable solitaire variant forms the conclusion of the instructions.

Tags: 1-6 people, 30-45 minutes, auction/bidding, family game