September 24, 2021


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Book review on "Culture of History by Response?"

Book review on “Culture of History by Response?”

The contributions fit into four thematic areas: in the ‘Situations’ there are sometimes very personal and emotional counter-theses to the demands of the Saar and Savoy Report. Museum experts in particular report in ‘case studies’ on how they deal with restitution. In “Postcolonial Germany?” The authors explain the colonial themes that arose in today’s society and what problems arise from them. Legal History and the Culture of History in an understandable way describes legal problems and the change in the image of history.

Their articles differ from the authors. They range from explicit case reports (eg, an ethnological field study with detailed description of a mask theft in Ivory Coast in the 1990s and its recognition in a private collection) to highly philosophical considerations of how experienced and learned history is shaped. Present perception, or description of the legal status of the stone cross. Thus, some texts are very individual and full of character, others are scientific and theoretical. It is similar with the expected understanding and foreknowledge.

“Culture of history by replying?” Not an easy-to-read article; Instead, the articles are captivating and long at the same time, three of the papers written in English. Before reading, you should research the various terms and history of the topics covered, as this knowledge is required.

Anyone who expects an outcome or solution will be disappointed. Instead, there are 23 individual points of view in the book, which sometimes reach contradictory conclusions. The complexity of the background quickly makes it clear that a simple, satisfying solution is almost impossible. As much as certain requests or opinions are made emotionally, every compromise is lazy and unacceptable – every suggestion seems right and wrong at the same time. However, the content is impactful, taking readers with it and forcing you to deal with your situation. Often one would like to discuss with the author and agree with him with praise or oppose him with indignation.

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