September 24, 2021


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Le Bega – 90s cruiser

Lou Bega’s new album is packed with 90s beats, “90s Cruiser” is a collection of well-known songs from the end of the last millennium, which today has turned into the typical Lou Bega sound.

For all fans of 90’s music, now the ultimate collection of hit songs in one package at Le Biga StyleGood mood included. When Lou Bega picks up the microphone, everyone knows what comes next is sure to be fun. as well as with the new Album “90s Cruiser”Lou collected the best and most popular hits of the ’90s and gave them his own personal touch. home of Munich, which “Mambo No. 5“He has celebrated countless successes, struck the hearts of all the party tigers and cheerful bears, and has totally succeeded in bringing songs into this millennium.

Lou Bega offers fun dance songs!

Lou Bega got the hit “Sing Hallelujah” with a bit of reggae and tweaked the tunes to fit the day. “Buena Macarena” – to the original Los del Rio, dancing young and old in the summer of 1993 – the 2021 version also invites you to the dance floors and is perhaps a little smarter than the ’90s version, and the Macarena choreography is still relevant to the. “Bongo Bong,” “Scatman & Hatman,” “Let’s Start the Feast,” and “Connected” follow each other on the album and deliver about 15 minutes of the feel of the dance floor and club sound to each living room. Exactly on the 30th anniversary, “Everyone is free (to feel good)” teleports you away in Low Big Sound It still hits the dance floor really fast, with Lou doing his own version of the song. When the Backstreet Boys introduced “Get Down” in the ’90s, their mostly female fans fainted. It is not yet clear whether Lou Bega will succeed in his version, however, his version sounds very modern and, like all songs, makes for solid fun. “King Of My Castle” also reminds us of the time when the big discotheques had their time. With the song “Sing it back” the transfer was a huge hit, but the typical 90’s dance floor rhythm lost a bit. With the original tracks “Waiting By The Peer” and “Time Cruisers,” Lou has built a musical bridge between millennia. And the final track on “90s Cruiser” is like the album’s musical synopsis based on Scatman’s hit song & Hatman “”, revised by DJ Skaellig as a club mix.

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Le Biga: 90s Cruiser – Fazit

Lou Bega has rightfully been decorated with many music awards like Echo, and his music was also nominated for a Grammy. The new album “90s Cruiser” again attracts with lively music on the dance floor in the style of Lou Bega and surprises with many great songs converted in the 90s. Really good production in large numbers Shine away, drive a car or dance – an album shouldn’t be missing from any party DJ set.

Author: SCHLAGERportal
Photo: Universal Music/Misha Lorenz