November 30, 2021


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test |  Love Letter - Big Box

test | Love Letter – Big Box

Posted by Sandra Otterbin on .

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Here she stands – the princess. With her curly hair and proud demeanor. If only I could send her my love letter! But how do I get to them? Guardians and other nobles are everywhere. And on top of all that, the other competitors want to win their hearts! Let’s see who will help me on the way to the princess.

Information about the game

Pegasus Spiele has made “Love Letter – Big Box” available for review.
This does not affect our rating!

How is the princess’s heart opened?

Everyone starts with a person card that is not shown to other players. The game is played in a clockwise direction. The active person draws a card from the draw pile and immediately plays one of the two cards in his hand. In addition to the character’s name, there is also a value and effect on the card. In most cases, the card takes effect and is resolved immediately. For example, if you play the goalkeeper card, you can guess another player’s current hand card.


If the card is guessed correctly, the corresponding person is immediately eliminated. This means that early people can quickly pause throughout the cycle. The round ends when there are no more cards left or only one person left. If the game ends with an empty draw pile, the person with the highest card in hand wins the round. This person receives a wooden heart to successfully deliver the message.

But good things take time. One letter is not enough to win the heart of the princess. In most cases, the princess wants three to five characters before she makes her decision. Therefore, the heart – and with it the game – the person who collected the right number of hearts wins. This number can be jointly determined in advance, but it is recommended to use three to five.

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