June 18, 2024


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Tesla can get into fast food

The Elon Musk brand can create restaurants at its own recharging stations. – Hannibal Hanschke / AP / SIPA

On May 27, Tesla filed an application to offer three different brands in an area we don’t anticipate. The official USPTO document already indicates that the automaker wants to register these entities in the “catering services” sector. […] instant removal, […] Self-serve, self-serve, […] take away”.

The items for which Tesla wants exclusive rights are the Tesla name, identifying the letter “T” that makes up the company’s logo and representing the sign written in the company’s glyph. Electric. The site says that your USA office registration application will be reviewed by an attorney around August 27, 2021 Take Crunch. It marks the beginning of a potential investigation of a previously mentioned project by Elon Musk.

Convert loading stations into grocery stores

In the past, the CEO of Tesla and several other senior executives of the company have publicly raised the idea of ​​investing in the restaurant business. The topic was discussed in 2017 by JB Straubel, the company’s director of technology, during a conference on technology applied to restaurants. The brand then indicated that it was studying the possibility of converting its loading stations into grocery stores.

Car with “snowboard and rock”

These stores were to provide catering service to customers waiting to recharge their car. The project never came to fruition, but some stations were equipped with car parks. In January 2018, Elon Musk mentioned on Twitter his intention to outfit one of Tesla’s supercharging stations in Los Angeles with “an old fashioned car, with a snowboard and a boulder.”

There, too, the restaurant never saw the light of day. Tesla declined to provide additional information on the project for which the company has applied for these registrations.

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