December 1, 2023


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Technology and Traffic – IAA Mobility: ZF is driving the introduction of wired technologies


ZF “X-by-Wire” booth at IAA Mobility 2023. Photo: Autor-Union Mobilitt/ZF

At the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, ZF wants to focus on its range of wired technologies in its commercial guise. The technology group now offers one of the most comprehensive suites of electronically controlled steering, brakes and damping for software-defined vehicles. These chassis systems no longer require any mechanical or fluid connections to the system. A futuristic ultra-compact and lightweight 800V motor with unprecedented torque density will also be on display.

“Networked body systems for longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics can improve driving dynamics,” says Peter Holdmann, Head of ZF’s Chassis Technology Division. “With its range of engines and functions, ZF is able to combine all three dimensions in a unique position in terms of driving dynamics.” The purely electronically controlled, networked, wired systems provide better vehicle control, shorter braking distances, greater steering flexibility, greater driving stability at high speeds, as well as greater range and efficiency.

In addition, at the end of June, as a preview of IAA Mobility 2023, ZF introduced the EVSys800 modular 800V motor, which consists of silicon carbide power electronics, electric motor and reduction gear. Despite its compact design and light weight, it doesn’t skimp on performance in the EVbeat concept car: an incredible maximum torque of 5,200 Nm is available at the rear axle. The continuous and peak power of the electric motor is 206 and 275 kW, respectively. (ohms)