May 21, 2024


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Search for related products in online stores using the latest search technologies • INTERNET WORLD Austria

Search for related products in online stores using the latest search technologies • INTERNET WORLD Austria

with Battery included Thomas Ballmann and Simon Reichel founded a company that wants to save Internet users from frustrating shopping experiences due to insufficient search functions in online stores. Their software solutions target agencies and online retailers so they can manage complex store product listings much faster and easier than before.

“A study of search functions, filtering, and category listings shows that websites with an average user experience experience abandonment rates ranging from 67 to 90 percent. However, stores with slightly improved search functions lose only 17 to 33 percent of users. This means that any A small improvement in product discoverability can lead to a four-fold increase in the number of leads: “It is precisely this business potential that we want to capitalize on,” says Simon Reichel, summarizing the founding idea of ​​BatteryIncluded.

The complexity of online stores continues to increase. Retailers face increasing burdens of low-value-added work. A recent McKinsey survey found that retailers spend about two-thirds of their time collecting data, meeting expectations, solving day-to-day problems, holding meetings and internal coordination. Only one-third of work time can be spent on critical analytics or value-added activities, such as managing offers and targeted product sales.

“The right tools need to be in place in precisely these short time frames so that e-commerce administrators can quickly and easily adjust all the fine-tuning screws. BatteryIncluded recognizes the connections between behavioral data and shopping carts and provides valuable information and recommendations for business decisions that might otherwise get lost in the stress of everyday life.” “Confirms BatteryIncluded co-founder and CTO Thomas Ballmann. The core logic of the newly studied API, “Relevance Flow”, not only applies individually to the needs of each company, but is also dynamically and continuously improved. Its core is a new calculation of vector significance that comes from a specially developed self-learning algorithm.

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This solution already provides 80 percent greater relevance to all product listings and significantly reduces the workload. Supplementary marketing oversightVolt Merc“It saves digital teams the other 20 percent, which requires human expertise and makes a specific difference.

In short, BatteryIncluded's approach and value is to make better decisions with data from online retailers. Complex store product menus are displayed simply, transparently and with high performance using a flexible toolset.