May 26, 2022


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Technology – Send professional mail through an online store

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Even in the age of emails and the internet, direct mail marketing is still very important to many businesses. In no way did they miss the step of digitization. Classic mailing forms only part of their marketing actions and they are still very successful. Outsourcing your messaging to a professional service provider is part of the success: the message store.

Personalization gains attention

The Marketing trends 2022 Show once again one of the most important basic rules of successful marketing: advertising should be designed as accurately as possible for addressees in order to retain or win them as customers. Customization is the first and most important step. It should in no way be confused with another major marketing trend, personal branding. Personalization is about addressing customers directly. It is the decisive factor that ensures the perception of advertising. On the other hand, advertisement without allocating any attention or appreciation is then disposed of directly with waste paper.

Dialog feature

Personal correspondence such as postcards or letters in envelopes becomes regular mail. Swiss Post also delivers it as a Dialogpost, ensuring the email actually reaches the recipient. Non-personal mail or brochures often cannot pass this step, because more and more letter boxes do not have advertising labels and signs prohibiting sending or delivery. However, personally targeted advertising mails such as Dialogpost are not affected by negative consent advertising. However, companies and other senders are not allowed to add the Infopost suffix to mailing messages. For this purpose, a certificate for the delivery of the Dialogpost must be provided by Deutsche Post. This is for the professional Lettershop media service provider.

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More Messaging Features

Nowadays, marketing and data protection is often an area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension with some restrictions or even bans on companies and their advertisements. Personal sales letters have an advantage here. They do not require the consent of the addressee for the advertisement and they always end up in their mailboxes. There are no spam filters as there are for email inboxes or a legal requirement for consent inquiries. In physical form, correspondence also has many opportunities to stand out from ordinary letters or postcards and to stand out from the crowd thanks to a special design, for example through color design or embossing. Such postal designs can be done in small quantities at low cost through the letter shop. This also makes mailing attractive to small businesses or the self-employed and to address a very limited set of customers.

All from one source

to me Email Marketing All you need is a computer, some software and creativity. On the other hand, successful correspondence requires a whole series of physical actions: printing, folding, packaging, dispensing and more. This involves a high level of logistical, personnel and time expenditure. In your own company, you usually don’t have the resources or your employees have to leave other important tasks behind to advertise. Lettershop takes care of all this for businesses and takes care of the necessary steps individually for each mailing, from drafting the letter to its delivery to Deutsche Post or other senders. Entrepreneurs can stay focused on what’s important here: their business. Easily get mailing advertisements, all from a single source from Lettershop.

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