May 28, 2023


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technology in the cell | Farm newspaper

Apparently, technology is now finding its way into the beehive. Because digitizing beehives can provide new information about the hive population that is not visible to the naked eye and help evaluate new pesticides as bee-friendly.

Digital monitoring, for example, should record bee behavior and thus provide important information for pesticide approval. When new plant protection products are approved, it is precisely this data that should help show the effect of substances on pollination. So far, the data required for this information has been obtained through lengthy laboratory tests. So, a startup in Karlsruhe, Germany, is working extensively on the technology in the beehive and is using a technical door controller to record not only bee activity but also the percentage of pollen pickers and pollen entry. In addition, it should also be possible to record the fatality rate of flying vehicles in the future.

Union bees above the rooftops of Vienna

In the case of the so-called Austrian Federal Bee, which is located on the roof of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management (BML), pollination activities are also carried out weekly by the staff Harold Hoare notice. Since 2014, his colonies have been on several rooftops in Vienna. With its close proximity to the city park, green Prater, Belvedere and Augarten, this is the perfect place to cover all your spring lovers needs. Because not only a sufficient number of flowers are suitable for this, but also standing water as a source of liquid. “It only takes two beehives to supply Vienna,” explains Harald Hoare. However, with a small number of hives, the maximum flight length of bees must be used, which can only be managed conditionally from the hive due to the high energy demands. To avoid this, there are many hives on the rooftops of Vienna.

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Not self sufficient

There are approximately 700 species of bees in Austria. But only one of them is the honey bee, which provides high quality honey. In total, about 4,100 tons of honey were produced in Austria in 2021/2022, which only covers about 44% of Austria’s demand for Hong Kong. On average, Austrians need a kilogram of honey per year.

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