May 27, 2024


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Amazon One technology should also be able to verify age by manual scanning – t3n – digital pioneers

Amazon One technology should also be able to verify age by manual scanning – t3n – digital pioneers

Banner in a store promoting Amazon One

Amazon One lets you pay with the palm of your hand. (Photo: Tada Images/Shutterstock)

If Amazon has its way, it may soon not be necessary to show ID for age verification: the US group has introduced technology that makes this possible with a manual scan.

Amazon has launched a new implementation of its manual scanning technology called Amazon One, which it uses for payments: age verification.

Palm instead of credit card or cash

in communication The company announced on Monday that its Amazon One scanner can now check the age of customers, for example when buying alcoholic beverages at a bar.

Amazon currently uses the portable scanner in its Amazon Go supermarket chain and some Whole Foods stores. There, customers can pay for their purchases by placing their palm over a scanner rather than pulling out a credit card or cash. Amazon One with age verification now debuts at Coors Field in Colorado.

What is necessary for the service

She wrote that Amazon plans to roll out the offer more widely in the “coming months.” bloomberg. To activate this app, interested parties must provide a wealth of personal data: photos of their paws, an official photo ID and a photo.

If all of these are met and the company has, say, a bar, an Amazon One Scanner, the bartender will see the message “21+” on their device if the person is 21 or older. Payment is then made by another manual scan.

Security risks? Not with us, Amazon says

Amazon stores personal data in its cloud, which may pose privacy and security risks. Amazon confirms that users’ palm recognition data is safe. The company states that it uses “multi-layered security controls built into hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure to ensure customer data remains encrypted and secure.”

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Amazon said it does not store ID cards. This data will be sent to an “authorized identity verification provider,” which will verify the identity, compare it to the selfie, and then confirm the age on Amazon.