December 7, 2023


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Starfield Merch: After a gaming chair and graphics card

Starfield Merch: After a gaming chair and graphics card

from Valentine Sattler
The Starfield variety is enriched with another product: Insert Coin sells a matching bomber jacket. But you have to wait until after the release to deliver.

On September 6th, the time has finally come: Starfield, Bethesda’s action RPG, will finally be released after a long break. The anticipation is high, for example, the futuristic game has been on Steam for a long time The most requested address. This huge popularity, in turn, leads to interesting excesses in the merchandise.

Starfield bomber jacket

Microsoft, for example, announced suitable consoles and headsets in June, an AMD partnership resulted in an adaptive processor and graphics card, and Noblechairs has a suitable Starfield gaming chair. But the wave of Starfield merchandise isn’t over yet. The company, which specializes in video game apparel, was recently added to the list of partner companies Insert coin.

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There, fans can now pre-order their very own Starfield bomber jacket, which is sold online in sizes XS to XL for just under €80. NO OTHER COLOR CHOICE: The bomber jacket is sold only in the standard Starfield “Constellation Blue” and is made entirely of polyester. Customers should also consider delivery time: Insert Coin will not deliver the bomber jacket until mid to late September. You may have to try launching the game in normal clothes.

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With more and more Starfield merchandise appearing in the past few days, it’s unlikely that the bomber jacket will be the last or strangest Starfield merchandise. What element needs to be urgently supplemented with a Starfield logo or even a design? Feel free to use the comment function and share your suggestions with the PCGHX community.

source: InsertCoin clothes