May 30, 2024


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Video Game: Are you ready to battle these three new RPGs on Steam?

Video Game: Are you ready to battle these three new RPGs on Steam?

Ready for epic adventures? Then grab your sword, because these three new RPGs available on Steam will engage you in dramatic combat! Compelling stories and deep characters await in “Abyss,” “King Arthur: Legion IX” and “Crown Wars” in May 2024.

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The abyss online

“Abyss Online” is an epic MMORPG set in Aeternea. Players can take on the role of unique heroes to explore this mysterious world. The game provides the opportunity to fight opponents, collect resources, learn crafts and trade with others. The vast open world is rich with diverse landscapes, hidden treasures and ancient secrets.

Planned release date: May 7, 2024 in Early Access

King Arthur: The Ninth Legion

“King Arthur: Legion IX” is an RPG that offers a combination of turn-based tactics and character-based role-playing. Players guide the Roman tribune Gaius Julius Minto through the dark fantasy world of Avalon. You control a party of 5-6 heroes who explore and conquer the land, fight tactical battles, make moral decisions, and rebuild Nova Roma. The story takes place in the world of “King Arthur: Knight's Tale,” a dark fantasy version of the Arthurian legend. The game features a completely new story, new heroes, and new challenges.

Scheduled release date: May 9, 2024

Crown Wars – The Black Prince

“Crown Wars: The Black Prince” is a turn-based strategy and tactics game set in a dark medieval fantasy world. Players manage their castle as a headquarters where they recruit, equip and train soldiers to fight enemies and obtain resources. They assemble their forces based on the unique skills and characteristics of their soldiers to thwart an evil plot that threatens their kingdom.

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Available as of May 23, 2024