June 18, 2024


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Snow White Prince, the #MeToo issue?

Snow White Prince, the #MeToo issue?

How a critical but moderately worded entry is quickly becoming a new battleground for culture fighters from the left and the right.

Disneyland has been in lockdown for more than 400 days due to the pandemic, and in the first week since reopening, there is an obvious major attraction, measured in queues: driving through the completely redesigned world of Snow White. Tourist bloggers Julie Tremin and Katie Dodd were deeply influenced by the tricks and fantasies of the Enchanted Wish Trip. But one thing uncomfortably struck the two women: The Great Finale, where – we remember – the Prince kissed Snow White and awakened her from a deep sleep to which she carried the evil queen with her poisoned apple. “A kiss that he gives her without her consent in her sleep cannot be true love if only one person knows that it is happening,” they wrote in their review of the Sfgate.com website. Didn’t we agree that consent was a huge issue in early Disney movies? To teach children that kissing is not acceptable when it is not clear that both parties are ready? “

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