June 13, 2024


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Language Lab - by the women at the hearth and board members - your SZ

Language Lab – by the women at the hearth and board members – your SZ

How a false meaning develops from the correct words this sentence shows about ancient Greece: It was a democracy. “The women at the fireplace had nothing to say”. Our reader E objects that women at that time, after all, Just He had something to say at the stove, and nowhere else. The phrase “women on the stove” is defined as the trap in which the preparation was discovered, and which is no longer automatically understood as being alone these days. It was suffice to say that “the women have nothing to say,” regardless of whether or not they cook.

In an imaginative call to its owner, a heavy smoker, a lung recently said: “Imagine me as a tree.” you are me? You me, you me? you are me? Whatever the case, reader S. That one should not speak this way, not as lungs and certainly not to grammatical smokers.

VON SAHRA WAGENKNECHT said in a review that she used her books “for Hostile fire“In their ranks. That might be tangible there, but it reminds the reader of Saint that shooting oneself at the euphemistic name.” friendly fire he heard.

The whole world suffers from the kind, especially often with Member of the Board of Directors From the female version of A group of directors. The reader (the reader?) Believes Dr. That this is nonsense, because the board of directors should be understood as a management body made up of several members. If you accept that as the only meaning of the word, it will be Member of the Board of Directors Illogical like that Chairwoman As a derivative of a chair. Grimm’s Dictionary teaches, however, that a board of directors as a person also existed earlier: the word can be used “in various meanings,” “for an individual leader or for a college president.” In his book The Phenomenology of the Soul, Hegel runs without a board member: “The woman remains the boss of the house.”

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