March 25, 2023


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Lama Express - Box - Pyatnick Photography

Lama Express – Board Game – Review and Test

Manfred Ludwig sends the Llama on the trips. Players 2-4 can help their flock to be the first to get home again with a set playing time of 25 minutes. The game was published by Piatnik. The design comes from Yvnonne Tauss.

Play the Lama Express game

Each player receives a herd of four lamas and places them at his stop. Players, in turn, twist a color that dies. Depending on the color rolled, you can transfer one of the two moves surrounding the playing field to the next color field. Depending on where the five-carriage train stops, there are up to three possible courses of action:

  1. If there is an empty cart in front of an entry field, the llama can go up.
  2. If the llama lands in front of your house, she can exit on her destination.
  3. If a busy trolley stops in front of a parking space, it should get off. It doesn’t matter if it’s your llama or someone else’s. Then the llama walks back a little, along the paths. If there is an empty cart again, it can climb again immediately. Otherwise, he will have to wait a little while for the next train. It can happen that many lamas take a break. There is room for up to three lamas on this trip. Then the animal in front of you is always allowed in. Others move.

Is Lama Express Worth It?

Lama Express is a great alternative to classics like Mensch ärgere dich nicht! I like the idea of ​​the game very much: it is easy to explain, suitable for all generations, and very nice. If llama fever never hit me before – it has now! Lama Express played in different tours: with children 5-7 years old, with teenagers, with adults up to 85 years old. Everyone had a lot of fun and had to smile in front of the llamas who are lining up on trains or taking a little ride by the platform.

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I especially like the way the trains move: it’s not just about the count, it’s about the gradient color. If you want, you can of course count and act tactically. But it works well here as well on a “try and fail” principle. I also like games where all players are always busy, so there is no waiting time. If you are not careful here, you might miss the fact that you can enter or exit or that another player has to take a break. Another advantage is that the Lama Express is not only suitable for all age groups, but it can also be operated completely independently of the language. Of course, Lama Express is not a very deep and tactical game. But it can bring generations together and overcome language barriers – have I already said? – He is very sweet! I can also easily imagine a career in finance. The playing time is good and the game design is good.