May 20, 2024


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Mass Effect Legendary Cache Unboxing • The Mass Effect

Just a few days until May 14 and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. In order to shorten the waiting time for you, we have created an open collector version box, or rather the legendary cache for you. We’ll also tell you more about the quality of the content.

Legendary cache

The extra large box is exquisitely designed on the outside and looks great quality. On the longer side you can read the words “Relive the Legend” and on the display you can see the image of Shepard’s N7 helmet. After opening the cache this will jump us first Welcome message to N7 forces From Captain Anderson to Shepherd in Al Ain. Underneath the two are carefully packed Normandy Pictures and Mass Effect 3 FemShep. If I raise this, that will come Steelbook And the Paragon / Rebel among To the foreground. Everything is nicely included in a large Styrofoam packaging, which protects the real highlight of your cache.

Detailed representation of the legendary cache

In the video, you can take a closer look at all the content. Pictures have something Rough surfaceAnd it is beautiful Canvas effect I was born. I can attest that all of the items are in good quality, well made and worth the money. We also gathered the content again in a gallery below:

The N7 welcome letter You can read it here on the image in the original English.

For all of those who struggle with English, we’ve picked one below Translation Try:


When I was accepted into the N7 show, I had the honor to meet Admiral Grissom, the man who inspired me to start my military career and I thought I couldn’t be more proud of my life than this moment.

I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a big, important day. But there is something more beautiful: greeting young men like you in the ranks of the N7 forces.

Your past and remarkable accomplishments have brought you into this program – but it is your courage, integrity and perseverance that has enabled you to join a select few. You represent the best of humanity and I think you will make Galaxy a better place.

I am not the only one who thinks this way. Joining N7 is the Alliance Army’s way of telling you – we believe in you.

Let me close this message and warmly welcome you to the team, Shepherd.

We know you will not let us down.

Open projector case: N7 helmet

Attentive readers should have noted that one item is still missing from the above gallery – that’s right, this item N7-Helm.

We show you the helmet in general view and how Paragon lighting and renegade Works. Showed once and once worn in the dark. Enjoy having fun:

Shepherd’s Concluding Notes to the Society

We hope that we were able to shorten the waiting time for the Legacy Edition by opening its box. If there are other “crazy people” in our community with the legendary cache, feel free to share your experiences on forum And / or in Disagreement To share with us. We are glad to receive photos or videos from you. Until then, always remember:

Legendary Mass Effect cache is present The official BioWare store Limited edition for $ 149.99. This unboxing unpaid review.

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