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Foray via Google Reviews: What people think of Sottrum

Foray via Google Reviews: What people think of Sottrum

According to Google, unsuitable for the unemployed: passenger car park on A1.

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One can have different opinions about Sottrum. This is also shown by an inroad through Google reviews. But they often talk more about the critic than they do about the site.

Sottrum – If you want to learn more before visiting, Google. And if you search your way through the sometimes dense jungle of reviews on a search engine, you can actually spot real pearls: it could be the place searched or the comment itself. Often there are more things about the critic than the topic of their criticism. The wrong dimensions of the parking space can lead to a very poor review, especially when it comes to the so-called nerve points that many people visit.

Sottrum isn’t a big go-to hotspot of people, but you can learn a thing or another about the places it frequents most and the people who visit it. We just checked some of them and curated their reviews with a wink. Because you don’t have to believe everything that is on the internet anyway.


What are the most famous places in Sottrum? Supposedly in Highway 1’s Grundbergsee rest area. In short, it’s “very good”, toilets are a little older but clean (some people may be familiar with this from home), green areas are often marked positively and very important to someone: Sometimes there are even schnitzel rolls!

This actually shows that Grundbergsee’s rest area is often about individual needs. Someone rated the french fries as “absolutely good,” but the overall atmosphere “unfortunately slowed down”. It is also a place for records: although many testify to the good treatment of employees, one of them met “the most unfriendly person in Germany” behind the cash register at the gas station. But consolation draws near, if one can believe another critic: “The rest has the best changing room I’ve seen so far.” But the reader may have already guessed it, and a Google user is at the center of it all: “BREAK BREAK!”

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Passenger parking

At this point, you first need to realize that from now on, the frequency will be stacked much less. However, the so-called passenger car park at the intersection of the Stuckenborstel Highway can make mostly good reviews. In general it is very nice, as it is often said, there are toilets, even if, as was the case about a year ago, “they were wet from top to bottom including the rolls of paper.” In any case, when playing with ratings, you always have to bear in mind that many are referring to individual events and maybe your luck was bad. Incidentally, it was awarded five stars for the fact that the car park was apparently not reserved for “moral thugs” due to the surveillance. Additionally, the reputation of the place is preceded by it. Another user also gave five stars with the comment: “I wasn’t there yet.”


With an overall score of 2.7, Sottrum Train Station’s standing is somewhat mixed. Of course, it’s also not the highest-quality place to stay in Sottrum, so the relatively few comments often limit themselves to clarifying what it’s about: It’s a small train station. One Klaus Dreyer requests toilets (which should come sometime), while another is furious that within eight months two bikes and one rear wheel were stolen despite good locks. The “largest dirty yard” rating is very understandable.


You can tell from Lienworth that you shouldn’t give anything to reviews on Google from a certain point onwards. Edeka is, so to speak, the Schrödinger supermarket: very good and at the same time impossible. Like the other two markets in the area, the store has a relatively large number of reviews, the staff are very friendly for the rude, and the selection is from high to poor. But it would be interesting to see the hidden story behind the five-star rating with the comment “Wonderful lottery acceptance point”. Since the renewal is completely satisfied with Aldi (even if the user openly feels it’s “torn” by it), that also applies to Lidl – by the way, an Edeka renewal is also planned for the medium term, which is why comments on its size and age here are yet to be received. Significantly.

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