August 19, 2022


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Saturn eSports & Gaming Arena Xperion opens in Berlin

With the complete conversion of Berlin’s largest Saturn store in Alexanderplatz, the capital is getting a new esports arena. The true mecca of next-gen console fans and PC addicts will soon open under the Xperion brand.

Not as big as Cologne, with a massive 3000 square metres, the new Xperion Arena soon offers everything that makes a player’s heart beat faster. Here you’ll find the latest technology for gaming PCs and next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to test the latest and most popular games or enter other worlds with VR.

The Xperion eSport Arena can be found in Saturn at Alexanderplatz on the third floor where the usual gaming department was located.

eSports tournaments and events

The arena is also interesting for those who want to start their career in esports or try their hand as a broadcast operator, but may not have the necessary equipment. Streaming kiosks are free for everyone and don’t even cost money.

Apart from that, bigger esports tournaments are also planned for Xperion in Berlin in the future, including live broadcasts to the whole world. In addition to the ever-changing teams, Germany’s biggest influencers will be there regularly.

You can find an overview of upcoming events On the official website. Access times to broadcast kiosks and all other information will also appear there.

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