August 19, 2022


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Streamer Myth with 7.4 million followers turns to YouTube Gaming

From Sebastian Glanzer
With Myth, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch (7.4 million followers) is turning to YouTube Gaming. He is in good company with former Twitch players. The number of followers left on Twitch by operators switching to YouTube is now a huge number.

Tim the Tatman, d. Lobo Valkyrie LudwigAnd the will beAnd the Lilybecho And now a legend. This isn’t a list of creators for an event, but the names of streamers who have left Twitch and are now streaming on YouTube Gaming over the past 10 months. And these are not just little strips: Together they have nearly 30 million followers on Twitch.

But you can’t say Twitch now has 30 million fewer users. Some fans of these streamers will follow them to YouTube and consume less Twitch, and the rest will only watch other Twitch programs. With Myth, another streaming giant is changing, and it seems Twitch couldn’t do a better show than YouTube. He leaves behind 7.4 million followers on Twitch.

No less than three other major streaming players on Twitch from Switch to YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming money seems very tempting, but some Twitch gamers are unhappy with the way Twitch treats them. History has shown that major Twitch players are losing some of their viewers on YouTube Gaming. But they accept that for a new decade on YouTube. And who knows who will return to Twitch once the contract expires.

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