April 18, 2024


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GG Bavaria is off to a great start as a gaming conference

GG Bavaria is off to a great start as a gaming conference

GG Bavaria took place last weekend in Munich, it was the first edition of the gaming conference and it looks like it was quite a success. The old conference hall in the Bavarian capital has become a playground for 2,000 visitors.

The success can also be seen in the fact that the event team is already planning to continue next year and would like to expand the event. So far, not only have gaming fans got their money’s worth, but the areas of cosplay, anime, and esports have also been served.

Full program for visitors

Several games can be played on both days, including League of Legends or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Or Rocket League in Munich eSports eV. In the Germench Pavilion, games such as Super Mario 64, Pokémon Red & Blue or Horizon: Zero Dawn can be enjoyed.

In addition, cosplayers were able to submit their self-made outfits in a competition organized by Animexx eV. In addition to the completed program, one can Two streamers with their varied program is investigating.

Guests of GG Bavaria

In addition to the program, some gaming experts took part in the QA round, including gaming journalist Heiko Klinge and GameStar Editor-in-Chief. The Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs was also in attendance, as the Digital Ministry is sponsoring the event.

GG Bavaria is supported by the Bavarian Digital Ministry. Photo: March rider

In addition to everything, of course, there were also many game developers, as well as companies that deal with games in different ways.