May 20, 2024


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[Kaufberatung] – 4K PC with a focus on gaming (maximum €2,800)

Welcome everyone,

I’m planning to switch to 4K, which is pushing my current (summer 2017) computer, which has been working for years, to its limits.

It will primarily be a hobby/fun PC, with a focus on gaming, but I have a variety of “requirements”.

First the mandatory questionnaire.

1. Do you want to play on PC? If the answer is yes, then what?
X4, Cyberpunk, Squad, Call of Duty, Factorio, Satisfactory, Rimworld, Anno, Civ, Metro, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. Whatever is on the agenda. Some are CPU heavy, others are GPU heavy

2. Do you want to use the computer to edit photos/music/videos or something similar?
As a hobby or are you a professional? What software will you use?
Music processing: no

Video editing would be nice because I’m thinking of making and editing some Youtube videos.

Fusion 360 or similar software

docker, default

Different IDEs, IntelliJ / Visual Studio Code

Unity3D, Unreal Engine

It’s all a hobby and could take a little longer.

3. Do you have special requirements or wishes (specific brands and manufacturers, overclocking, a particularly quiet PC, RGB lighting, …)?
Until now (nearly 30 years ago) I never really cared about aesthetics, but I would describe the new requirements as follows:

Lighting the Christmas tree in the aquarium.
As a change from the black box in the corner/under the desk :-)

Also water cooling as a change from air cooling.

I’ve always been a quiet fan.

Otherwise I like the value for money

4. How many and how many screens do you want to use? Model, resolution, refresh rate (hertz)? Gsync / FreeSync? How many FPS do you want to see?

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1x4k 144Hz monitor (either Gigabyte M28U or Dell G3223Q)

Optional 1 x 1440p 60Hz

5. Do you still have an old computer, parts of which can be reused?
The 1TB m.2 SSD from the old computer is used as the second SSD.
Mainly for convenience, since then I no longer have to do a “backup”.

6. How much money do you want to spend?
3,500 euros with a screen, which corresponds to a budget of 2,500-2,800 euros for components.

7. When should I buy a PC?
Ideally by Monday of the 9th week at the latest, since that’s supposed to be my birthday present (-:
But don’t really rush.
But I doubt if I can wait until the end of April (-:

8. Do you want to assemble the computer yourself or have it assembled (by the shop or by helpers (list as sticky))?
Pull yourself together.

9. Would you like to stream your content using your PC (eg via Twitch/OBS)? If so, what games/content? Do you already have the parts to set up the stream? (multiple screens, microphone, camera, broadcast device, …)?
Classic screen recording to make educational videos.

The flow is unplanned

Briefly regarding focus again:

  • 80% games
  • 20% productivity/hobby/surfing

Here is my first draft:

My questions / requests / suggestions / ideas:

  • Is the setup correct yet?
  • Is the power source correct or large in size?
  • power supply alternatives. I read that getting involved is just a time-out due to the fan lottery
  • I don’t want to buy Nvidia this time
  • Is upgrading to PCIe Gen 5 worth it, or would Gen4 make more sense?
  • Housing alternatives?
  • I think raytracing is overrated because consoles > pc (-:
  • Overall, the question of whether or not the switch to 4K gaming is worthwhile is realistically feasible. Extremely high detail at high frame rates (at least 60 minutes). Or is it generally better to drive in 1440p for games.
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I look forward to your suggestions and feedback and am curious to see what comes out at the end (-: