February 23, 2024


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Samsung introduces the next generation of The Wall for virtual production – Samsung Newsroom Germany

Samsung introduces the next generation of The Wall for virtual production – Samsung Newsroom Germany

Samsung is expanding its filmmaking portfolio with the new 1.68mm and 2.1mm pixel pitch models “The Wall for Virtual Production.” The company is thus expanding its commitment to digital signage products into the field of virtual production.

A milestone in Samsung’s visualization technology: The ‘Virtual Production Wall’ takes the use of virtual production resources and digital effects to the next level with two enhanced models for film and television production. “We have equipped our new models with the necessary functionality to support companies in all industries in creating high-quality virtual content,” says Stephen Pollock, Director of Display at Samsung Germany, of the resulting capabilities.

The Virtual Production Wall provides powerful production options and can therefore save time and costs. Production studios can use LED walls to create virtual content and integrate it into the set using real-time visual effects technology. With lifelike details, textures, volumes and shadows, even virtual environments look impressively realistic.

New IVC models with a pixel pitch of 1.68mm (model: IVO16C) and 2.1mm (model: IVO21C) provide high flexibility for native fields of view in a concave shape with a curvature range of up to 5800R. The Genlock function ensures perfect synchronization with the system, while the phase shift function enables optimal image quality.

To display colors as accurately and consistently as possible, The Wall for Virtual Production features 3D look-up tables (LUTs) for color correction, wide-gamut HDR color processing and color tuning. Integrated Virtual Production Management (VPM) software simplifies monitor management and enables high image quality in virtual production environments. VPM can also detect and correct potential LED problems.

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“The Wall for Virtual Production” offers a wide range of installation options thanks to its 4:9 aspect ratio. With a 12,288Hz refresh rate and Black Seal technology for pure black levels, stunning picture quality is possible. 20-bit processing ensures accurate color reproduction and linear grayscale that can show every detail and scene in all its glory.

Whether large or small, The Wall for Virtual Production can adapt to any studio environment, be it a volumetric studio or an XR studio. This technology enables the production of immersive content and creates far-reaching opportunities for creative projects.

Andy Hook, Director of Technical Solutions at White Light who specializes in research and development of new technologies, highlights the powerful new tools of “The Wall for Virtual Production”: “This gives us huge scope to create more effective and flexible virtual production environments. This way we can continue to enhance Progress and change in the field of filmmaking.

The new models can be seen live at the “Virtual Studio Worlds” event in Schwalbach on December 12, 2023. They can now be ordered in Germany.