March 3, 2024


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Berlin gets high-performance sensor network –

Berlin gets high-performance sensor network –

The Berlin State Press and Information Office announces:

In Berlin, the number of smart city applications is constantly increasing, including smart parking, smart traffic control systems, level detectors and water sensors in green spaces. Given this increasing diversity of data needs, adopting new technologies is essential to capture and analyze large-scale data sets. By implementing a long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN), Berlin plans to expand its digital infrastructure, densify secure networks and enhance the city’s resilience. LoRaWAN as a wireless communications standard is optimized for transmitting data over long distances.

The new LoRaWAN network aims to meet the requirements of critical infrastructure operators across the city and contribute to digital services of public interest in Berlin. In the field of water management in particular, LoRaWAN will improve early detection of overloads in transformers or in the sewerage system. Meanwhile, intelligent traffic control technology allows real-time traffic data to be collected to improve traffic flow, reduce traffic congestion and improve traffic safety. These diverse applications make LoRaWAN a particularly suitable technology for smart city applications.

Martina Klement, State Secretary for Digitization and Administrative Modernization and Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin, signed this day in cooperation with InfraLab Berlin eV and Bim Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH has signed a declaration of intent to expand and operate a new Berlin-wide LoRaWAN terminal at the Berliner Wasserbetriebe pumping station in Wilmersdorf. In the first phase of the joint project, a variety of sensors are used, from door contacts and temperature control to pressure monitoring or filling level sensors.

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Martina Clement emphasized the importance of the project: “Advanced sensor applications can be used in different areas of infrastructure to make operations more efficient and provide information that enables rapid response. Whether it is mobility, resource conservation, climate protection or crisis management, the use of LoRaWAN technology can “It is envisioned in many areas and will make a valuable contribution, for example in the ability to respond to extreme events early and with data support. The extensive cooperation with Berlin’s critical infrastructure operators enables us to use this innovative technology to sustainably improve life in our city.”

Regina Jenners, Vice President of InfraLab Berlin e. “LoRaWAN opens up new possibilities for smart city solutions,” explained V., Head of R&D at Berliner Wasserbetriebe. Serves as an innovation workshop for infrastructure operators BSR, Bfg, GasageBerlin power grid, BWP And Vattenfall Heat, we are happy to accompany and support the city in this transformation. Transmitters are cost-effective, have low power consumption and have high building penetration ability. This makes LoRaWAN particularly suitable where there are no mobile connections, for example in basements or tunnel corridors.

Jessica Streeter, Head of Energy Management at Bim Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH said: Bim It sees LoRaWAN as an excellent tool for city-wide communication. Detailed, real-time data forms the foundation of a smart city and helps achieve climate policy goals. We are very pleased to cooperate closely with government companies in Berlin on this pioneering project.

Berlin Energie Netz und Service GmbH is responsible for the construction and operation of the LoRaWAN infrastructure.

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Given the expertise developed by Infralab, as well as its specific preparatory work and commitment to implementing the LoRaWAN project, Infralab and its members will participate as a key partner in the design and implementation. This includes, among other things, exploring additional use cases and providing locations.