February 23, 2024


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Phonosophy LS4 – Speaker Cable |  Fair audio news

Phonosophy LS4 – Speaker Cable | Fair audio news

The surround acoustics team around Ingo Hansen has a new feature up its sleeve, a speaker cable called the LS4. It’s the Hamburg company’s first round speaker cable – and it’s available with the company’s proprietary activation technology upon request.

Phonosophie LS4: Ultra-pure copper for good sound

Phonosophie’s new LS4 speaker cable is made of high purity OFC copper with a cross section of 2 x 7 square millimeters. According to Phonosophie, the copper is sourced from Hamburg manufacturer Aurubis. Halogen-free polyethylene is used as the insulating material, which aims to minimize the effects of natural aging of the cable.

Cross-section drawing of a Phonosophy LS4 speaker cable

Phonosophie also paid special attention to the filler materials, according to the press release: Ten fiber strands of different types – together with a fiberglass-reinforced core – are designed to hold the strands optimally in position and thus put an end to unwanted vibrations. This reduces the tilt to the microphone and pays off in terms of sound.

Due to its design, Phonosophie only offers the assembled LS4 – it is entirely hand-built in Hamburg. For good reasons, Phonosophie recommends against using an LS4 shorter than four metres. In addition to the classic LS4 version, there is also a version equipped with Phonosophy’s activation technology for an additional cost.

the prices:

Phonosophie LS4 Standard: from €2,800 (2x4m)
Phonosophie LS4 activator: from €4,200 (2x4m)


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