July 21, 2024


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The detachment is dedicated to Russia, lion hunting and technology

The detachment is dedicated to Russia, lion hunting and technology

Reflections on post-Soviet Russia, examining people and technology or hunting ancient lions: three new exhibitions at the Vienna Secession offer insight into different artistic positions from three continents. American Tishan Hsu creates hybrid sculptures in the main room, while Scottish artist Charlie Prodger offers insight into her diverse works, and the Individual Investigative Agency offers its criticism of Russia.

The mutual intersection of people and technology is everywhere in the main room: American artist Tishan Hsu (72 years old) displays works from previous years under the title “Modern Works 2023”, which were shown at the Venice Biennale or the Carnegie International, among others we see were . The hybrid creatures – body molds that “grow” from digitally created patterns – appear to move in space depending on perspective, alternating human and animal body parts. This fluid transformation process is taken to the extreme on an LED video wall, where not only abstract shapes are created, but also close-ups of moving mouths or eyeballs. The large, leather-coloured sculpture “Tablet Skin Screen” is designed on an open laptop, from which the vinyl body moldings also protrude.

In the gallery downstairs, Scottish artist Charlie Prodger (b. 1974), winner of the 2018 Turner Prize, presents “Sacrificial Formula”: The first room focuses on the museum’s operations: depicted in the series “Palace Prints” (2019) The artist owns pages A book with illustrations dating back to around 640 BC. The reliefs were created around 400 BC, all depicting lion hunting scenes, on grids. She was particularly interested in the “flat appearance between foreground and background” and the perspective used, as Prodger explained during the press tour. A separate room is dedicated to her film trilogy: the autobiographical cycle is dedicated to “possessions, longings and experiences of loss,” and the material is largely recorded unplanned on a smartphone. “When I plan a complex photo shoot, I end up not using a single idea. I also prefer to work alone and not in a big team,” says the artist, who walks through the snow-covered landscape with the camera or watches while sleeping. fox. The voices of Prodger’s friends come from off-screen, drawn from the artist’s own diaries.

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“Radical changes in political reality” are the focus of the individual investigative agency: In the Graphic Cabinet, Anna Titova and Stanislav Shuryba comment on the current atmosphere in Russia. The installation “On New Thinking and Other Forgotten Dreams” is dedicated to the results of her research project “Garden of Mental Revolutions”, which deals with “the history of subjectivity, forms and performances of self-image in Russia in the 20th and 21st centuries.” Centuries”, says the accompanying text. You can see, for example, a bust of Lennon-Lenin, a pickle placed in a skyscraper aquarium discussing post-Soviet Russia with a worker, or a large diagram illustrating This discussion is graphically.

(Service – Exhibits Tishan Hsu, Charlie Prodger and the Secession Individual Investigation Agency. From December 1st. www.secession.at)