January 25, 2022


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Integrated GaN switches for non-contact power supplies –

Developers of multi-chemical, multi-protocol battery chargers, CC-LED and CV-adjustable ballasts, USB-PD-3.0+ programmable power supplies (PPS), quality control converters and similar applications can benefit from the use of fully programmable InnoSwitch3-Pro integrated circuits that They can be used in AC/DC inverters with a power of up to 90 watts and in open AC/DC power sources with a utility of up to 100 watts. These components are also useful when precise control of the output current and voltage is required. It supports intervals of 10mV and 50mA for fine-tuning.

The I²C interface in the InnoSwitch3-Pro components is intended to simplify the development and production of fully programmable power supplies (Fig. 3) and enable dynamic control of the output current and voltage. It can also be used to configure power supply, CV, CC and CP set points, protection settings, and error message handling.

Configurable Hardware Solutions

For applications that do not require digital programming or monitoring, Power Integrations offers configurable solutions for devices from the InnoSwitch3-CP (Fig. 4) and -EP families. Like the InnoSwitch3-Pro, the InnoSwitch3-CP and InnoSwitch-EP components also contain primary and secondary regulators as well as reinforced isolation designed for >4000 VAC in a single integrated circuit. The protection functions include overvoltage and overcurrent limiting at the output, overvoltage and undervoltage protection of the AC line and overtemperature shutdown. The components feature a high level of interference immunity and enable designs that meet EN61000-4 Class A performance levels.

Developers of highly efficient flyback transformers up to 100W for applications such as USB PD, QC inverters and similar applications can take advantage of InnoSwitch3 CP components such as INN3278C, INN3279C and INN3270C. QR-switching ICs have CV and CC modes with stable performance profiles and support standard combinations of self-hold and auto-restart. Cable loss compensation is an optional feature.

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for apps Developers can choose from InnoSwitch3 EP components such as INN3678C, INN3679C, and INN3670C, such as electricity meters, industrial power supplies, smart grids, standby and biased power for home appliances, consumer goods, and computers that do not require constant power.

InnoSwitch3-EP components support good multi-output cross-regulation. The output current measurement is adjustable with an external resistor, while the CV/CC power is highly accurate and independent of external components. This all-in-one QR Flyback Switching is available with optional low-voltage auto-restart protection and can be ordered with standard or peak power options.

Figure 3: The image shows the InnoSwitch3-CP in a typical application with the FluxLink inductive feedback connection (dashed line) between the primary and secondary controllers. (Photo: Power Integration)