November 27, 2021


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Review of the book "The Truth of Eva"

Review of the book “The Truth of Eva”

“Wake up, Neo.” Right at the beginning of their comprehensive book, Van Shayk and Michel quote this quote from the classic movie “The Matrix.” In the movie, Neo will wake up and realize that the world he lives in is a fictional world. His body lies in an incubator to generate energy, while his senses are provided with a virtual dream world. We feel the same way today, according to the authors. In their view, we live in a patriarchal, patriarchal matrix, “a male-distorted reality that pretends to be real, while being merely a cultural product, a simulation.” How this complex structure arose that permeates the institutions of our society is something the authors research in an exciting way, always keeping an eye on the biological as well as the cultural-scientific perspective.