November 30, 2021


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Google naughty rating: a review can cost a few 100,000 euros

Autumn Knepper and Adam Marsh, of Vancouver, Washington, were so dissatisfied with the service provided by Bishop’s company that they expressed their frustration online. Now, however, I carried out the occasion Google rating Legal action that can result in a fine of US$112,000, or approximately €100,000, among others.

Shameless Google review? Allegations of defamation lead to lawsuit

The stumbling block was two phone calls the couple had with the rooftop Executive Services (ERS) receptionist. This is supposed to be Knepper to me He responded in the negative and refused to provide information about when the company could carry out an order for him and his girlfriend.

“She said I should get this (information) from the owner. I asked to speak to the manager and she laughed at me. She said I was going to insult her and that she was the office manager. She hung up,” Knepper explained. Marsh also reported a similar supposed experience with the receptionist. After that, they both published their own Google rating.

Owner logs in after Google review

Shortly thereafter, Michael Meacham, the company’s owner, told Knepper: “He said he knew where I lived. He said he (…) would love to spend $100,000 to sue me. After sending an additional text message to remove a Google review “before more damage is done” Knepper called the police.

Then, in June, the couple were sued for $112K on behalf of Executive Roof Services, according to Newsweek. mentioned. The company’s attorney, David Bowser, said the lawsuit was directed at the intent behind the couple’s Google rating, which was “inappropriate: receiving a report (order) that was not authorized.”

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Another case shows that there are people who even want to extort money with reviews. Early in 2019, the blackmailers demanded 300 euros in protection money and threatened poor Google ratings and other fake reviews.

Source: BusinessInsider, Newsweek

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