November 30, 2021


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Szenenbild aus „Treffen in Travers“ mit  Corinna Harfouch und Hermann Beyer. Foto: Filmdienst

Sahel Cultural Construction Site: Discovering a Cinematic Land – Sahl / Zilla Melis

The 1988/89 film is dedicated to celebrating the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. The focus is on the German naturalist, world traveler, and revolutionary Georg Forster, who went to Paris after the failure of the Mainz Republic and worked there at the National Congress. His wife, Therese, remained in Germany with two children. In the fall of 1793, Forster met her with her two children and new partner Ferdinand Huber at a small inn in Switzerland to obtain a divorce.

Over the next three days, the director develops a three-way conflict between the two men and Forster’s wife, which escalates as intensely as possible. Triple conflicts are a common theme in cinema history, but the association with political participation is less common, here with the revolution of world history and the collapse of social order.

Unequivocal parallels are with the then current events in the German Democratic Republic. Many feared the ban on the film. But nothing of the sort happened. “Treffen in Travers” was awarded the main prize at the GDR National Film Festival in 1990, Corinna Harfouch and Hermann Beyer received the award for best leading roles. The film also gained international recognition. It was shown at the Cannes Festival.

This film will be shown on Tuesday, November 2, at 7 pm at the cultural building site in Suhl, Friedrich Koenigstrasse 35. Everyone who loves historical films, does not despise love films or appreciate outstanding actors is invited.