April 18, 2024


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Release of the “Rainbow Six Siege” Year 9 roadmap. Adding new operators, re-mastering, new “SIEGE CUP” system, etc.

Release of the “Rainbow Six Siege” Year 9 roadmap. Adding new operators, re-mastering, new “SIEGE CUP” system, etc.

Ubisoft is currently holding“Rainbow Six Siege”(PC / PS5 / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox Series「Six Invitational 2024 Sao Paulo」in,Road map for the ninth yearIt has been published. We will present the updates scheduled for 2024, along with the content of the presentations we conducted on site.

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Ubisoft fps“Rainbow Six Siege”Next update forYear 9 Season 1 「Deadly Omen」Information has been disclosed. This season will include the addition of a new operator, DEIMOS, a reworked combat system, and accessibility improvements.

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Road map for the ninth year
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Related operator

Regarding the agents, as introduced in the previous article, a new agent will be introduced in the first season of Year 9.「Deimos」Will be added.additionally, in Season 3Greek operatorIt is scheduled to be added.
In addition, a remaster of Operator is also scheduled to be released, and although specific details are not known, a second season will be released.“enlistment”The target will be two types of operators. Of course, you do not need to open it and you can use it for free.
The second remaster will take place in the fourth season“A famous American operator needs a makeover”will be targeted.

・Season 1: New trigger – “DEIMOS” added.
・Season 2: Agent Recruit reworked.
・Season 3: New agents added in Greece
・Season 4: Famous American player remastered

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Player protection (anti-cheat, etc.)

In terms of anti-fraud, new technology was released last year“Mousetraps”It is reported that the project achieved great results. The company also continues to develop alternative solutions to bypass detection.
Anti-fraud system「QB」It will improve the detection model and improve the encryption. Additionally, improvements will be made to stats-based bans to provide faster responses for all players.
For PC, it looks like a new ban technology will be introduced to make it harder for cheating users to get back into the game.

A rating system for toxic actions has been developed and is scheduled to be implemented during 2024. Furthermore, the detection of “mousetraps” will be reflected in the rating system. The company says it will use machine learning to detect text and reduce malicious text chats.

Information about these countermeasures against cheats and malicious acts will be published every two months to create an environment where you can play with peace of mind.

Balance adjustment

In terms of balance, they have set four goals for Year 9 and will continue to make adjustments.
The first is to remove the definition in “TDM”. The real excitement of Siege lies in its high level of strategy, tool use, and excellent gunfights. They should be tightly integrated and adjusted to work each round.

The second goal is to strengthen the attack operators, and the third goal is to understand community grievances more accurately. The fourth goal is to increase information transparency, actively communicate with players and listen to their feedback.

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The first goal will be achieved in Season 1, and will include modifications to attachments. Please review the article I published previously, which explains this in detail.
We have already announced the amendments to AZAMI, but during the ninth yearFenrir,Solis,DucaybeThe reform was also announced.

In addition, after the projectile trajectory visualization in Season 1, there will also be a visualization of drone jumps, a visualization of stationary objects, etc.

Improved playability

In season 3“badge”And“Profession page”The system is added.
Badges are similar to achievements on Steam or Xbox, or trophies on PlayStation, and appear to be awarded according to the challenges the player completes.

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On the Careers page, you can check your achievements, stats, badges, ranks, etc.
Additionally, a shooting range will be available during the matchmaking process.

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In Season 4, we plan to implement cross-play between the consumer version and the PC version. If you only want to play with PC players, it looks like you can turn off cross-play.

Additionally, Marketplace, a player-to-player trading system currently in beta, will be implemented starting in Season 2.

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Training mode

Season 1 will expand the functionality of AI battles. Specifically, five new maps and defender AI will be added, and more attack operators will be available. AI battle content will also be added in Seasons 2 and 3.
On-the-go shooting training and drone operation-focused training have been added, creating an easy environment for beginners to play.

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In-game tournament “SIEGE CUP”

Season 3 will feature a tournament mode called “SIEGE CUP” which will take place for a limited period of two weeks. You can enter by forming a team with your friends, and you can get special rewards by playing. It hasn't been announced how the game will work, but it looks like it will be fun to compete as a test of skill, form a team and practice with the goal of winning, or as a new goal.

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Changes to the points system for progression to the Six Invitational from 2024 and adjustments to entry slots for each region have been announced, but the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) will be reinstated next season. The specific format will be announced at a later date.

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It was also revealed that the next Six Invitational in 2025 will be held on the East Coast of North America. In addition, the major November competition will be held in Montreal, Canada. Since it's also the main base for Siege's development, there will likely be a greater focus on heroism.