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Regarding Official Merchandise Sale Tickets for King Geno’s Dome Tour “The Greatest Unknown” Venue

Regarding Official Merchandise Sale Tickets for King Geno’s Dome Tour “The Greatest Unknown” Venue

In “The Greatest Unknown King Gnu Dome Tour”,
From the perspective of reducing congestion when selling official goods in places and others.
We will offer a ‘buy a numbered ticket’ system (using the LINE app) which you can apply for in advance.
If you would like to purchase official merchandise on show day, please do so.

■Click here to apply for a numbered ticket to purchase official merchandise


*Please add your LINE account above as a friend and apply on the performance date you have tickets for.
*Your application will not be completed once friends are added. Please make sure to apply within the application period.

■Purchase numbered tickets during the reception period
December 16 (soil) 12:00 ~ December 20 (water) 23:59

■Announcing the purchase reference number
Scheduled at approximately 20:00 on Saturday 23 December
*Serial number order will be issued by lottery.
*On the day of the event, we plan to call from Serial Number 1.

■ Notes
・Official merchandise purchase tickets can only be applied for by those who have a ticket for the “Greatest Unknown” King Gnu Dome Tour performance. Those who do not have a performance ticket cannot apply. Please note that even if you have tickets for a date other than the performance date, you will not be able to use the venue’s merchandise sales on another day.
(Example: If you have a ticket for January 13, you can use the numbered ticket purchased for January 13 once)

・One numbered ticket can be purchased per person. You can also only apply for one numbered ticket per day.

・Numbered tickets will be issued for purchase using the LINE app. Customers who do not have a smartphone with the LINE app installed cannot apply.

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・Please make sure to place your order using your smartphone, which you will bring to the venue on the day of the show.

・Please only apply if you can be at the venue during sale hours.

・Cancellations or changes cannot be made after the reception period has ended.

・On the day of the sale, you will receive a purchase ticket containing a QR code via a LINE Talk message. Please login when you receive the message (*You cannot login until you receive the QR code)

・The estimated meeting time and contact number will be updated on the ticket, so please refer to them when visiting.

・When entering the official merchandise sales area of ​​each venue, we will check ① performance tickets (per day only) and ② numbered tickets purchased.

・If you are late for your call, you can still enter, but in this case you will have to line up at the end of the entry line.

・Only one person can enter per numbered ticket purchased. If you are visiting in a group, please ensure you also apply for a numbered ticket for your companions. However, serial numbers cannot be issued as consecutive numbers.
If you want to enter the sales area together, you will enter according to the latest serial number.

・Persons who require assistance with purchases, such as customers with physical disabilities, may enter with up to one accompanying person per ticket purchase.

・You cannot re-enter with a numbered ticket that was purchased and used once.

・The transfer or resale of purchased tickets is prohibited. If the relevant law is recognized, it will be invalidated.

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· After the performanceGet a ticket for the day of the showIf so, anyone can purchase it regardless of whether they have a purchase ticket or not. In addition, those who have already purchased a numbered ticket will be able to purchase it again.

・After the performance, you can purchase your favorite products regardless of purchase restrictions. (Sales will end once every product is sold out)

■ For inquiries regarding purchasing numbered tickets, click here
[email protected]

*This is a designated contact point for inquiries regarding purchased numbered tickets only. Please note that we will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding anything other than tickets purchased.

■Click here for a video guide to placing your order for numbered tickets.

Question and Answer
Q: Can I purchase merchandise without a purchase ticket?
a. Yes. Basically, you cannot purchase merchandise without a purchase ticket. Customers who wish to purchase goods must apply for a purchase ticket.

Q: Tickets for the performance have not been distributed yet. Will the performance ticket holder place an order to purchase a numbered ticket on behalf of the performance ticket holder?
unless. You can apply to purchase tickets even before performance tickets are distributed.
For customers who wish to purchase goods,Make sure to take one photo per personPlease apply to purchase a ticket.
When you enter the merchandise area, we will verify the ticket and the numbered ticket you have purchased.

s. Can I apply for a ticket to purchase a ticket for a performance date that I do not own?
unless. Please make sure you purchase a numbered ticket for the same date as your performance ticket. We will verify performance tickets on the day of the event. If the date of the performance ticket and the numbered ticket purchased do not match, you will be denied entry to the merchandise sales area.

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Q: My companion does not have a smartphone and cannot apply for a ticket.
Can’t I access the merchandise sales area?
A: If you do not have a purchased numbered ticket, you will generally not be able to enter.
Each person will need a numbered ticket to purchase merchandise.
However, you can enter if you are accompanied by someone who has a purchased numbered ticket.
The purchase limit is the number of numbered tickets purchased.
(If two people can enter with one purchased ticket, the purchase limit is one person)

Q: I cannot arrive in time to connect to the numbered ticket I purchased. In this case, will the numbered ticket purchased be invalidated?
A: You can enter the merchandise sales area even after the call time has ended.
However, in this case, please line up at the end of the line to enter the merchandise sales area.

Q: My companion and ticket number are different. Can I go to the merchandise purchasing area with you?
A: The merchandise sales area will be called in the order of the purchase ticket number. You can enter together, but only the person with the last ticket number will enter.