November 27, 2021


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Haryana Grande and Lady Gaga can perform virtual shows at Fortnight

Haryana Grande and Lady Gaga are set to host virtual shows on the popular video game Fortnight. Also, American singers can become skins for players.

The EuroCamer website released the information after Epic Games’ leaked documents were echoed in a legal battle against Apple.

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According to documents, Haryana will return to the game in October with her virtual show and new skin for the players. Already Lady Gaga is coming in December.

For now, this is just rumor because there is no official confirmation from the epic games, Fortnight and the singers.

It is worth remembering that during the Party Royal event, Fortnight already hosted virtual concerts by artists such as Travis Scott and Marshmallow. At the time, they were selling skins in the game.

Haryana Grande and her husband Cristina Aguilera enjoy a concert

Haryana Grande urged Christina Aguilera to respect her return to the stage. The 40-year-old singer’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend was attended by her husband Dalton Gomez and the voice of “Positions” along with some friends.

Grande proved to be a true fan by staying very close to the stage and praising Aguilera. The 28-year-old translator also shared stories about Stories Doo’s performance Instagram. “I love you, Christina Aguilera”, She says.

Haryana goes to Aguilera’s concert (Photo: Background / Twitter)

Haryana Grande delivers the powerful performance of “34 + 35”

It took a while, but it looks like Haryana Grande Finally investing everything in the era “Positions”. After the release of live shows “pov“And” Security Web “(with the participation of the rapper Die dolla $ ik), And “my hair”, now the artist’s method of presenting us with “34 + 35”.

Made exclusively for VEVO, the shows are presented in a beautiful setting, full of plants, and also feature a band..

Check “34 + 35”:

Confra “My Hair”:

pov“Security Web”:

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Haryana Grande excites fans by releasing new poster on networks

Haryana Grande brought news related to her new perfume. This Wednesday (30), the singer sang one of his biggest hits, “God is a woman ”, Will arrive in online stores on July 29th and in American brick and mortar stores on August 1st.

The 28-year-old artist also released an official fragrance poster. The picture shows Ariana Grande wearing a long pink dress and lying in a field full of flowers.

(Photo: Reproduction)

The release of his new perfume marks his success: “God is a woman”, Launched in 2018. The new fragrance will be introduced a year after the perfume arrived REM. Haryana Grande has already introduced seven different perfumes.

Remember the “God is a Woman” video that promoted Haryana’s new perfume:

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