August 4, 2021


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WhatsApp: Never miss a group call again

WhatsApp: Never miss a group call again

Even today, many people are separated from each other, so they often communicate with friends and family through video calls. Well known messenger WhatsApp (App Store-Link) Has provided some way (video) to make group calls. As the popularity of this feature has increased, the Facebook group that has been with WhatsApp since 2014 has made some changes to provide additional options for fans of group calls. This is what you report at home Facebook-News Room:

‚ÄúToday we are introducing the ability to join even after starting a group call. Combined calls reduce the burden of answering a group call as soon as it starts, and brings the simplicity of spontaneous and face-to-face conversations to group calls on WhatsApp. “

So, if one of the participants misses the group call when the doorbell rings, that person can pick it up later while the call is going on. This function can be used to pause a group call and rejoin, for example, if the doorbell rings, you should instruct an artisan. So you can finish the group call and rejoin after talking to the artisan.

“We have also created a call info screen so that whoever is already on the call, who has been invited but has not yet joined. If you tap ‘Ignore’ then you can join later from the ‘Calls’ tab in WhatsApp.”

Facebook has announced that the new feature for joining group calls on WhatsApp will be distributed from today. Also, video calls allow up to eight participants. Additional information about group video calls is also available in Messenger Help pages From WhatsApp.

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Photo 2: WhatsApp / Facebook.

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