August 7, 2022


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Imagem de: Atlus revela o estado de Re Fantasy; 10 projetos e mais

Atlas Re reveals fantasy status; 10 projects and many more

In the latest issue of the weekly magazine Famitsu, Atlas managing director Naoto Hiroka commented on the company’s future, 10 new projects and a partnership with Vanillaware Studios. Project re-fantasy, Released in 2016, is also mentioned and is progressing “on time” as the game unfolds “on time”.

There will be no shortage of games

Hirosha said Atlas is currently developing six projects. If we calculate partnerships with vanillaware and other external companies, that number rises to 10. The director did not provide details, so, in addition to the new games, he may be involved in the work Ports From old games to modern sites.

“There are other big projects that will surprise us in the future. We are happy to talk about them as much as we can. Give us time just before the announcements,” Hiroka added.

Shin Megami is the next big release of Tenzi V Company. The game is scheduled for November 12, 2021 and has finally won a trailer Thursday (15).

Adrian Odyssey e Project Re Fantasy

Navodo says the series is creeping into the dungeon Adrian Odyssey News will be available soon. The last game of franchise was the Adrian Odyssey Nexus in 2019, which was the western version of the Adrian Odyssey X released in 2018.

Project Re Fantasy, first announced in 2016, has yet to receive a game trailer. The director of Atlas acknowledged that development was progressing slowly, and that the game would emerge “just in time.”

We know that Katsura Hashino, who is in charge of personality 3, 4 and 5, will be the director of the game. Also, in December 2020, it was celebrated as Pro Game The key point of development.

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25 years of personality

For celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise Person, The company will soon be releasing big news. Also, sports line events take place in Japan and other parts of the world – unfortunately, Naoto is not specific.

Last Tuesday (13), the company released Celebration site At the annual event, seven projects will be announced from September 2021 to the last quarter of 2022 – they will not include new games because they may be Commercialization Or collaborations.

Last week, within the job vacancy page at a company called Naoto Hiroka Officially finished Commented on the development of Personality 6 and the challenges of creating a worthy successor to the award-winning works.


Japanese Dear Studio will continue to invest in vanilla games and other intellectual property. After release 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim In 2019, fans noticed the teaser of the developers’ next project in the “Extras” menu. You may be familiar with “vanilla” from games like this Odinsphere (2007), Crown of the Dragon (2013) e Muramasa: Demon Blade (2009), with a strange and persistent aesthetic.