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“Super Bomberman R2” New Mode “Castle Mode” Play video released by famous commentators such as Bakumatsu Shishi!  Let’s see what kind of situation!  – Entertainment games

“Super Bomberman R2” New Mode “Castle Mode” Play video released by famous commentators such as Bakumatsu Shishi! Let’s see what kind of situation! – Entertainment games

He has worked on so many works that it would be impossible to list all the blockbusters.KonamiHowever, one of the strings of pronouns among them is “Bomberman“I believe.
I think every generation has played some kind of title, but the most recent work”Super Bomberman R2“butReleased on Thursday, September 14, 2023It is decided that it will be launched on a wide range of platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Steam.
Download the version for each platform and version bundle for Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4Reservation has begunMany people have already made reservations.
In “Super Bomberman R2”, in addition to the familiar story mode and battle mode,New mode “Castle mode”Its installation was announced and it draws attention, but …People who don’t know what kind of game this isI think there is.
Then actuallyThe fastest way to watch a video of a game in actiondo not you think so?
“Castle Mode” by famous commentatorsPre-play video released!

The latest work “Super Bomberman R2”, which has the largest volume in the history of the series, will be released on September 14! Start accepting reservations!

It’s easy to understand when you actually see it! Live video playback released!

Live commentary on the new battle mode “Castle”!
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A pre-played video of “Super Bomberman R2” by a famous commentator“Super Bomberman R2” official websiteHe was released!
Other battle modes are introduced on the Bakumatsu Shishi Channel, howeverThe main thing is the advanced gameplay of the new “Castle Mode”I believe.

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Defender (Fortress side) and Attacker (Attack side)divided intoFight over treasure chests on the stageIt was announced that it would be a mode, but it’s hard to understand without seeing the actual playback screen.
Let’s see what kind of situation it is by watching the pre-roll video of the famous commentators this time!Then make a reservation!

Bakumatsu Shishi Channel

Strawberry game won

Tore Mantaro


Mememebotchi ch.

New characters are playable too!

In “Super Bomberman R 2”, as an enemy of the eight Bomberman brothers in story modeThree siblings: Massif Logibon, Wing Logibon, and Fighter LogibonHe appears as a new character.

It’s fun to play how you stand up to the eight Bomberman brothers, but these three are siblingsClear story modeby doingBecome a playable character in every battle modeit turns out!

Huge Loggibbon
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attack typeHuge LoggibbonShe wears a ball of light that bounces off the character she touches.

Logibon suite
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speed typeLogibon suite“It sets a borderline light and turns invasive characters.

The Logibon Fighter
PR times

unique typeThe Logibon FighterFixes up to 3 balls of light and eliminates invading characters.

You have to actually use it to see what it’s like, but you need to clear the story mode to use it, so once you have “Super Bomberman R 2” the first thing you need to do is increase the number of playable characters and battle. Hope you enjoy the mod!
Other than these three brothers, there may be more playable characters by clearing the conditions, soStay tuned for more news!

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Celebrating the anniversary of the release of the video! Show campaign!

To celebrate the release of the pre-roll video of “Super Bomberman R2” this time, Bomberman’s official Twitter (@bomberman573) inCampaign follow-up & RTIn progress!
Among the participants10 people by lotterytoAmazon gift card worth 500 yenwill be displayed. If you win, you can buy “Super Bomberman R2” at a discount.
Official application method Bomberman Twitter (@bomberman573) and retweet the campaign tweet below!

Submission periodUntil 23:59 on Sunday, July 2, 2023So don’t forget!
Campaign tweetCampaign notes posted in the treePlease be sure to read and agree before applying!
About “Super Bomberman R2”
Official siteplease confirm!

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